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    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    No, he signed a 1 year extension, his first pro contract was done an year ago. The Big Iguana is absolutely correct that 1 year extensions, like Mampala and Foulds got, do not inspire much confidence in these lads - after all, if they go out on loan and do well, their loan club can just promise...
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    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    The Russian sports websites are reporting the fee as 13.5 million €, rising to 15 million (+ a sell-on clause). CSKA was never going to pay more than that, they don't have the money (Vlasic is now their record signing). Apparently he personally chose to stay in Moscow over an offer by an Italian...
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    Everton v Lille/Porto Sat/Sun 21/22 July 8pm KO

    I was getting that and when I asked the customer support for help, the answer I got was that basically they have given up (for the Algarve games at least) on the log-in system. Instead they send out the link and the 'private' password by e-mail (but as you saw upthread, it can and has been...
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    Everton v Lille/Porto Sat/Sun 21/22 July 8pm KO

    Doesn't work for me either.
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    Match Thread ATK Irdning v Everton Saturday 14th July 4pm KO

    Should I be worried I can't seem to sign in to I'm an official member, but whenever I try to sign in, it redirects me to a holding video page without prompting for the password etc. Can anybody else log in?
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    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    Quick question: are the U18 games at Finch Farm officially closed to the public or are Everton just discouraging people from attending? It would be great if I could catch the academy game too while I'm in Liverpool.
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    Taxi fare's to airport.

    This thread is fairly relevant for me: my flight is scheduled to land an hour and a half before kick-off for the Palace game, so after dropping my bags at the airport hotel I'll be taking a taxi to Goodison. Should I have the hotel call a (private hire?) for me, or should I take my chances with...
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    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    I see Conor Grant got a contract extension for one year, which I find somewhat surprising, as he is definitely not making a first team appearance any time soon, barring an injury list two pages long. Do we know which other youngsters have had their contracts extended?
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    The Merseyside Derby Build Up Thread

    ... So I'll be, whaddyacall it, pundit-ing? pundit-izing? yammering-without-knowing-my-ass-from-my-elbow? about the Derby on Bulgarian TV from the Evertonian perspective (there will be a RS fan too, which is a change from the previous times I've been invited). I intend to bring up the fact that...
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    Latest Accounts

    Has anybody commented on the discrepancy between the official accounts and the Elstone presentation that was made at the AGM in April (link to thread)? At first glance I see a rather large difference in the debt, in the commercial income and in the turnover figures. OK, I would have expected...
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    Young players that leave Everton .

    I find the OP (and the many parroting it) disingenuous, facetious and boring, but I'm desperately trying to stave off a work task that is even more boring, so to answer the question, here goes my team - based mostly on national team/top flight appearances*, transfer sums fetched and whether or...
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    Ludogorets Razgrad Friendly?! Better highlights, complete with even dodgier music (actually I think this is their way to dodge copyright claims).
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    Ludogorets Razgrad Friendly?!

    Where did you look? You didn't expect Everton TV to have any, did you? - with complimentary soundtrack (you'll want to mute your speakers).
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    Ludogorets Razgrad Friendly?!

    He is, but it's Forrester who's on.
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    Ludogorets Razgrad Friendly?!

    Everton Pen (Anichebe went down easily but that's not new)
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