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    New Everton Manager

    No anger here, but it’s done for any interest I have in the club until he’s gone I can handle us being crap, making crap recruitment decisions and all that and have done practically my whole time as a fan, but this and allardyce…..nah i can’t put my finger on it, as to be honest it’s a natural...
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    I think it’s a good breakdown of the varying stances but covers only a small portion of the fan base which is the lucky match going fan, there’s a huge amount of fans watching around the world including those who would be going to the game if they still lived close by I personally am disgusted...
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    New Everton Manager

    Imagine in the middle of this darkest moment for our stupid club, finding the energy to go on an impassioned defence of those players…. having said that I’d take a new 5yr Siggurdson player/manager deal right now instead of the hell about to be confirmed
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    New Everton Manager

    open the sack the manager thread then once it’s confirmed I promise to post in it after he has been sacked and it’s safe for me to everton again
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    Prostate Cancer ….. Basic Self Check

    fair play for starting this thread ive only recently finally got around to checking this out with my doctor. Have had the results back from the blood tests last couple days and seems to say everything is within the levels it should be or “negative” I didn’t really clarify this with the doc...
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    New Everton Manager

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    New Everton Manager

    Shush Dave
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    New Everton Manager Went back to the todays football thread for the 18/19 season out of curiosity and searched Wolves to read what was being said when they were flying in fairness there’s a lot of consistency in what some are saying...
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    New Everton Manager

    I am neither excited by the appointment if confirmed, nor do I actively dislike the appointment . I also expect very little of it that’s probably better than being optimistic about a new manager and being disappointed or hating them from day one and counting the days until they are out the door...
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    New Everton Manager

    They are too busy with their shady syndicate milking poor clubs of megabucks for doing nada full proof here
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    Managerial Change Negatives

    Ffs its making threads now Skynet must be stopped
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    New Everton Manager

    Never David. I hope he gets knocked out of Europa by Rotor Volgograd
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    2020/21 Richarlison

    I don’t want to talk out of turn or anything, but I really like him and I hope he stays. Not overly bothered what we are offered for him. Stay pls
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    Dunc for the job.

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    New Everton Manager

    Christ, just confirm whatever soon to be sacked manager it's going to be so the moyes chat can go back to world football...... :mad::mad::mad:
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