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  1. Bob Elstone


    You’d think it would be very easy to get zaha sent off. Easy to wind up.
  2. Bob Elstone

    2021/22 Donny van de Beek

    Anyone but Gomes.
  3. Bob Elstone


    It’s crystal palace fc, We are Everton fc. The fact they have a better squad than a 9 times winning club is disgusting and yet the idiot chairman tells us the board is revered across the land. We fallen so far that a club with no history and a tinpot stadium has a better squad than us...
  4. Bob Elstone

    Everton summer 2022 transfer thread

    We have a load of dross to throw on the fire. Gbamin, moise kean, Gomes, even the likes of el ghazi to offload and vdb from a wages point of view. Add dele Ali in as well. Flog the useless lazy DCL for 50m and replace the entire midfield. Look for mobility, pace and aggression.
  5. Bob Elstone


    Absolutely pathetic we’re going into a game against crystal palace knowing they’ve got better players. How we have fallen.
  6. Bob Elstone


    Get on the pitch regardless and let those useless idiots bill and Denise know exactly what we think of their ‘revered all Over the country board’
  7. Bob Elstone

    Everton summer 2022 transfer thread

    Send Tom Davies to Marco at Fulham, might be best chance we get at shifting him.
  8. Bob Elstone

    2021/22 Richarlison

    Sell the Waster Calvert lewin before rich.
  9. Bob Elstone

    2021/22 Frank Lampard

    Nice bloke Frank but very naive. Who picks Gomes for gods sake?
  10. Bob Elstone


    I think Leeds will lose or draw at brentford
  11. Bob Elstone


    Some on here struggling with basic gcse maths
  12. Bob Elstone


    Imagine signing dele Ali, van der beek and el ghazi when eriksen was available.
  13. Bob Elstone

    2021/22 Tom Davies

    Yes he’d be another I’d have on the transfer list asap along with the entire squad.
  14. Bob Elstone

    Everton summer 2022 transfer thread

    I’d seriously be open to offers for every single one. The Ukrainian can stay. Offers potential and works hard. Rest are all replaceable, most have no spine.
  15. Bob Elstone

    2021/22 Dele Alli

    Big wages and contributes nothing.
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