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    Transfer Rumour Harry Winks

    Winks plays well with good players around him , Davies gomes and winks = relagation battle from day one.
  2. brigadier

    Lampards fine

    Penalty to liverpool
  3. brigadier


    Nothing wrong with it, it's the weekly rule changes from the premier league that's ruining football, coincidentally those rule changes always seem to help the sky six.
  4. brigadier


    A bog standard 3 man midfield will always get overrun by a bog standard 5 man midfield , when Everton play a decent 5 man midfield we don't stand a chance of possession.
  5. brigadier

    Match Thread Arsenal v Everton - Preview, Match Report & MotM Poll

    Take that sky the bbc and bt sports fk you
  6. brigadier

    Dermot Gallagher Ref Watch.

    Outrageous corruption going on, Everton have the book thrown at them whilst in the same game leniency given to the opposition, I would be delighted if Burnley leeds and Everton refuse to play the rest of the season as a stand against corruption.
  7. brigadier


    If we stay up Lampard has to take a lot of credit.
  8. brigadier

    2021/22 Richarlison

    So last week he was lowest of the low for time wasting when his ankle went under him , this week hes lowest of the low for not time wasting by removing objects off the pitch as did the goalkeeper, stinks of rs scum agenda again.
  9. brigadier

    2021/22 Richarlison

    Dont think he got sent off for throwing the coin , I maybe wrong but I'm sure the ref was the liverpool fan who pretends to be a tranmere fan.
  10. brigadier

    The Moyes legacy: reflections.

    Couldn't stand his negativity but hes certainly got an eye for a good player, ask yourself how many players out of this squad would moyes of signed, I would be amazed if it's one.
  11. brigadier

    2021/22 Salomón Rondón

    Rondon had to pretty much come out of retirement, his fitness on day one was possibly the lowest I've seen from any Everton player, as he neared fitness Benitez was sacked the damage was already done with the fans, if hes fit he deserves another chance.
  12. brigadier

    Match Thread Everton v Leicester City - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    We never got a kick when richarlson went up front against man u, FFS put him on the left you tvvat.
  13. brigadier

    Referees v Everton

    Referees are now allowed to make calls on what they think and not what they see, it's a farce .
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