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    Transfer Rumour Idrissa Gueye

    Reckon him and Onana could be a revelation in midfield. The young lad can do much of Gana's leg work leaving him to pull the strings and use his creativity going forward.
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    Gabriel Barbosa

    @mahermi1 Suspect you're showing your age, as well!
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    'Gimme a job. I can do that!'
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    Gabriel Barbosa

    Sooner go for Barbarella - two proper strikers up front for the price of one. Showing my age!
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    Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

    Not being funny but becoming really p*ssed off with what might be and what should be...and what ain't gonna happen. Really trying to avoid searching until it's all done
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    2022/23 Anthony Gordon

    And especially if it is true ManUre are also seemingly interested it will only serve to push the fee up.
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    Old Everton Pictures

    IIRC didn't they bring Gordon West on to the pitch covered in a blanket and on a stretcher to replace George Woods for the final twenty minutes or so?
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    2022/23 Dele Alli

    Wonder if it might sway his mind if I offered to pay his Easy Jet flight for him.
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    2022/23 Amadou Onana

    I agree. Onana losing the ball just inside their half should not have been the defining moment when we still had players behind him to defend their breakaway. The lad was just trying to do what the others couldn't by running at the Villa defence and was probably too keen having just been...
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    Jeesh! I take it all back. Opened up a right can of worms...and didn't even need to bait the hook!
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    Peculiar how we tend to label inanimate objects like cars, ships and iconic builds as 'she'. If our revered GP is the 'Old Lady' will BMD/The Everton Stadium become our 'Young/Lovely/Beautiful Lady'? Apologies if mentioned previously.
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    Match Thread Aston Villa vs Everton. Saturday 14th August 12:30 KO

    Saved us conceding another goal, I guess, will be their reply.
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    Match Thread Aston Villa vs Everton. Saturday 14th August 12:30 KO

    Incan-Deli-tescent with Alli. He will never get back to the player he was.
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    Match Thread Aston Villa vs Everton. Saturday 14th August 12:30 KO

    We are playing like a team who are coming to the end of a hard slog season...not one which has just started a new one.
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    Match Thread Aston Villa vs Everton. Saturday 14th August 12:30 KO

    AHH, the Messiah is coming on
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