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    2021/22 Donny van de Beek

    Does he live in that van down by the river?
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    Stop oil

    Those couple of seconds of that scene in motion has me giggling away.
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    2021/22 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Hopefully he'll stay free of injury now and gain fitness quickly. We've looked toothless up front the past few games (even when he's played not looking fit). Although his involvement was minimal he made a difference tonight.
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    Stop oil

    I thought they were gonna cut his head off so the game could continue. The Newcastle owners wouldn't have known who to cheer for.
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    Match Thread Everton vs Newcastle - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    I'm exhausted after that! Huge win! I'm not even sure who to vote MotM I was that engrossed in the game. Awesome finish from Iwobi. The pressure was on and his character has often been questioned but that was a composed finished after making the run and laying the ball of to DCL. The referee...
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    Match Thread Everton vs Newcastle - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Please find a way to win Everton.
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    Match Thread Everton vs Wolves - Preview, Report and MotM Poll

    It was such a nothing performance. Devoid of spirit. I haven't really thought to much about relegation but I don't know where the next goal is coming from let alone win. We've amassed a squad of overpaid average players with little fight in them.
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    Match Thread Everton vs Wolves - Preview, Report and MotM Poll

    They won it a few days before they were relegated. Some come down that.
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    2021/22 Nathan Patterson

    I hope he comes good. He was thrown in at the deep end needlessly when we were, and are, in a dire situation.
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    2021/22 Nathan Patterson

    The Club hasn't been run professionally for at least 30 years. We've relied on individual pride (and quality) of whoever was Manager. It seems like the past is catching up to us this season. It is concerning.
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    Bill Kenwright

    Philip Green and Alisher Usmanov via Farhad Moshiri. People he's brought to our Club.
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    2021/22 Nathan Patterson

    Indeed. Mykolenko and Patterson not ready for the league. El Ghazi not wanted or required but done as a favour to an 'agent'. Alli a chance worth taking for the future perhaps but not in a relegation scrap. Not very wise recruitment. But the latest mishaps in 30 years of bad decisions by our...
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    2021/22 Seamus Coleman

    He's scared to challenge for balls he'd be favourite to win because of his lack of pace. So he gives up possession in hope of being able to win the ball back and typically doesn't. I don't even blame him anymore more the people who put us in this situation and continue to pick him. Him being...
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    2021/22 Nathan Patterson

    He must spend training sessions sneaking off on an undersized BMX bike to have a smoke in a secluded area. *** He probably isn't ready but can he really be a worse option than Coleman and Kenny are currently?
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    2021/22 Frank Lampard

    He can have a share of the blame today for that formation and persisting with Coleman who is miles off the standard of quality this league requires these days.
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