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    Van de Beek

    I think he's a decent player, but he isn't worth the wages he's on nor the transfer fee it would take to get him Plus, it may not be his fault, but the injuries he had here last season also put me off So no
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    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE OR LESS ONLY!

    Can't do Newcastle away now, so 2 adult spares going if anyone needs them
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    The case for the defence...

    Bit harsh this. Mina is a really good player IMO, but I'll admit that I'll be happy to see him leave as you simply can't plan for him ever being available
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    2022/23 Frank Lampard

    Signs of progress everywhere and it's v encouraging that we appear to have a defensive unit which doesn't wilt under pressure However, my big concern is that we are doing too much defending - Pickford has been in brilliant form, but he's saved 5 more shots than any other keeper in the league...
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    2022/23 Kevin Thelwell

    I get a bit frustrated when all I see is him being judged on signings/outgoings when that's really only part of his job Having said that, on that aspect of his job, he's done a good job so far What pleases me just as much as seeing the continued news about appointments to key roles behind the...
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    2022/23 Allan

    Good player, but his game was mostly about his ability to get around the pitch and by the time he came here he couldn't do that. Ancelotti's attempts to play him as a sitting player didn't really suit his game either. His legs having now gone meant he was never going to fit into what Lampard...
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    2022/23 Nathan Patterson

    Yakubu ruptured his achilles tendon, which is actually a worse injury
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    2022/23 Anthony Gordon

    Don't think he played well on Sunday, in fact I'd go as far as to say it was his least effective performance for us that I can remember That doesn't, for a single moment, suggest anything more than that - he had a bad game, but I remain a huge fan of his. The odd bad game will happen, just hope...
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    2022/23 Alex Iwobi

    I think that three gives us incredible energy and workrate. We are much more solid, even to the naked eye, with those three but it's difficult to see how that midfield three offers much in the way of chipping in with goals. My slight concern is that I'm not sure, unless Gordon ups his output...
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    2022/23 Demarai Gray

    Best game he's had in a while IMO in terms of overall threat and impact On the flip side Gordon had arguably the worst game he's had for us
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    2022/23 Alex Iwobi

    I'd go further than that mate, in a very short space of time he has become our most important player. He's the only player we have who offers any real creativity from midfield and he's also the most energetic player we have too. He's central to everything. It won't be long before teams start...
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    2022/23 Frank Lampard

    Some pleasing things - we're looking a fair bit more solid at the back, at the moment only Brighton have conceded fewer than us. The overhaul in central defence and central midfield is pleasing. The signing of Maupay has given us a genuine alternative up front to just being stuck with Rondon in...
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    Match Thread Everton vs West Ham United - Preview, Match Report & MotM Poll

    Didn't think we were particularly good at all tbh. West Ham were well worth a point or more. We've played better than that this season and not won But, who cares I guess?
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    Postponment of Premier League fixtures due to the death of Her Majesty the Queen.

    Won't boo anything - I'll observe a minutes silence with no issues as I would for anyone whose death we mark at Goodison. I certainly won't be singing the national anthem, but equally I wouldn't boo it And I won't be joining in any applause on 70 mins either We will have marked the Queen's...
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    2022/23 Vitalii Mykolenko

    I don't think there's a big debate on him - when he first got here he looked a bit out of his depth, which might be understandable given the league he came from and the fact that he was just thrown straight in Since then he's improved a lot and has reached the point now where he's very capable...
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