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    And We're Nearly Off

    September 14th is approaching. It's been an 'interesting' pre - season to say the least. So where do you think we'll finish? (You can change your vote as new signings - or lack of them - happen.)
  2. PSB1

    P L Fixtures, 2021 / 2022

    These are to be announced on Wednesday, 16th. June. Hoping to avoid newly promoted sides for three or four weeks and to have an easy run - in. Surely it can't be such an odd season again .
  3. PSB1

    Old / New Memories

    Just looked at a photo posted by @alan ball showing the old main stand. (Thanks to Alan and @Joey66 & others for keeping us aware of our history.) I can remember my first game back in'62 ... walked half the length of Scotty with my dad almost wetting myself with excitement. Getting into...
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