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    Injury update vs Chelsea

    Is there any news on the chances of Gibson, Mirallas or Coleman playing against Chelsea? I think without Fellaini we at least need one of the above to be playing if we are any chance. Without Mirallas and Coleman our threat down the right hand side is non existent.
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    Pubs before Fulham in London?

    Hi everyone, Anyway know of any good pubs that all us Blues will be in before the match against Fulham. I'm keen to get amongst it.
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    Spares for Fulham?

    Hello everyone, I am still coming down from the massive high and experience that was my first derby and visit to Goodison Park at the weekend. I am in London over the weekend before I have to head home and I was hoping if I anyone had a spare in either the neutral end or the away for the...
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    What is the best pub to go to before Goodison?

    Hi all, I am coming over from Australia to watch a few matches over the next couple of months starting with the derby! I just wanted to see what everyone thinks is the best pub to go to before a match to soak up a few beers and get amongst the atmosphere. So pumped to get to the old...
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    Aussie Blue - need 1 ticket to Liverpool game

    Hi everyone, Ever since i started supporting the blues it has been a life long dream to come to a derby game. I have been following the club for about 7 years and have just booked a flight to Liverpool for the derby. However, I haven't been able to get myself a ticket. Is there anyone here...
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