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  1. Neiler

    GOT on Match of the Day.

    Top stuff, just saw it there. Come a long way lads.
  2. Neiler

    Real Steel!

    Dedicated to Allan and Doucoure, simply put brilliant and an absolute joy watching last season. Its a simple game, you can sign all the quality players in the world but central midfield is the most important area of the pitch in my opinion. If you dont win the battle in there and establish a...
  3. Neiler

    Loaning Young Players Abroad rather then In the UK.

    Interesting piece from on SS by Gretar Steinsson. Looks like there is a deliberate strategy by Everton in developing young players abroad on loan, like Kenny and Hornby. We've seen it before with Lookman who we ultimately received a 20+ mill deal for in the summer. I wonder is this the future...
  4. Neiler

    The Goodison Park Legacy Project.

    Deserves its own thread really. In all the talk of the new ground the plans for the redevelopment of the Goodision site seem to have got little airplay: Looks like the development will be part of the funding model toward BM to me: The full details behind Everton's Goodison Park legacy...
  5. Neiler

    Cowards FC.

    Most spineless team I have ever seen represent Everton. No charicter, no fight to compete utterly spineless. No one today deserved to represent that shirt. Not one player had the courage to fight and compete. It’s the players for me, all here for a fat wage, spineless. Unacceptable.
  6. Neiler

    The Cost Of The Mosh Merry Go Round

    Reading the forum over the last few months, I have been struck by the flippancy about firing and hiring managers long term and short term. I wanted to highlight a very realevent impact on Everton and thats the cost, something that is unsustainable and highlights the need to get the next...
  7. Neiler

    Everton Units.

    Anyone else notice tonight as a team we are big physical units. We completely dominated City tonight physically and bullied them physically for most of the game. Of all the teams I've seen so far this season only United look more physically dominating. Think we are going to bully a hell of a...
  8. Neiler

    It wasn't me! The McGeady Tale.

    Interesting stuff this on McGeadys reflection of his time at Everton. Personally i am left with a sense that he seems to blame everything and everyone for his short comings, managers, fitness, not being given a chance when really his failings seem to be his own will to succeed. Its an...
  9. Neiler

    G.O.T. Fantasy Premier League 16/17.

    Up and running, To join the the grand old team league: go to - Register - pick/enter your team - go to join Leage and enter the code below. Code to join this league: 8075-3341
  10. Neiler

    The Make Your Own Goalkeeper Thread.

    With the sad news that the other Tim is on his way to the super glue factory, the excitement is building in the sense that for the first time in a long time we are going to have the opportunity for a top class keeper. So he tickles your fancy? Presently i think we need two so id drop 20 mill...
  11. Neiler

    Finch Farm

    Seems like a lot of development work is being carried out, the new stadium for the U21 and Junior teams and the recuperation block. As we all know we sold the site and signed a 50 year lease, which has subsequently been sold on to the council who are the current owners: Everton's Finch Farm...
  12. Neiler

    Out of Contract Players - Summer 2016.

    Hibbert Osman Pienaar Gibson Oviedo Will they be missed?
  13. Neiler

    The Joel Robles Fanboy Thread.

    The boy has the ready brek! Club Atlético Madrid UEFA Europa League: 2009–10, 2011–12 UEFA Super Cup: 2010 Copa del Rey: Runner-up 2009–10 Wigan Athletic FA Cup: 2012–13 Country Spain U21 UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship: 2013
  14. Neiler

    Like new signings?

    Won't be popular but I'm tipping Kone and Gibson - to really step up next season and prove key player for us! After hurting my eyes in the transfer thread! Who currently at the club could step up and have a big season next year? Ledson? McGeady? Browning? Kenny? Hope? Long? Duffy? Garbutt?
  15. Neiler

    Whatever happened to?

    A thread to catch up on former players when they left the club and what are they up to now! Daniel Owefin Amokachi, the Nigerian living football legend, was born in Kaduna on 30th December 1972 to Mr. Ikwulechin Amokachi who hails from Otukpa in Ogbadibo Local Government Area. Amokachi aka...
  16. Neiler

    Bob Dylan - Zcars

    Nice little nugget!!/s/Johnny+Todd/1ZCfLn?src=5
  17. Neiler

    Kevin "Killa" Zidane retires.

    Was on TV in Ireland last night after the announcement, said some wonderful things about Everton - that it was his best and proudest time in football and how special a club we were. Also talked about what it was like playing with Moyes at Preston when he was a kid.
  18. Neiler

    The Ultimate Derby Video Thread.!
  19. Neiler

    The Twitter Transfer Rumour Thread.

    Alright lads, We're going to use this thread for any rumours that origante from Twitter, it can be boss or a jarg medium for information, some are well into it, others hate it. A lot of the threads are getting clogged up with AgentITK twitter stories so we want a dedicated thread as people...
  20. Neiler

    Big Nevs Book

    Being Serialised:
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