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  1. Dario Terracotta

    2021/22 Salomón Rondón

    And you say that with raised octaves ;) lol
  2. Dario Terracotta

    Living your own Everton dream..........

    You can tell my heights in English at school were only CSE grade 1 :blush: ;) lol
  3. Dario Terracotta

    Match Thread Everton v West Ham Utd; Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll.

    Get behind our boys from the off and make it as uncomfortable as possible for these shandy pants southern softies(actually will be a tough one this):)COYB!!!
  4. Dario Terracotta

    Living your own Everton dream..........

    Bloody typical allez mate ;) lol
  5. Dario Terracotta

    Living your own Everton dream..........

    Service actually started 1230,not 1130!!
  6. Dario Terracotta

    Living your own Everton dream..........

    I was best man last Saturday,nothing too odd about that you may think, the last time I was bestowed this dubious "honour" was just before the pandemic, my mate was marrying a girl from Berlin and their were a hundredish guests flown over from the fatherland,I did my speech in my "phonetic"German...
  7. Dario Terracotta

    2021/22 Richarlison

    Looks like big Martin Atko has done a big one all over us yet again,must have been a much worse "knock" than we thought :rant:
  8. Dario Terracotta

    Old Everton Pictures

    Aaaah well, he must have been upset being the second best keeper on the pitch that day Joey ;) lol
  9. Dario Terracotta

    Old Everton Pictures

    Was in the side stand so couldn't get on the pitch,:( I remember Inchys header from my vantage point looked like it was looping over the bar,Shilton was motionless, there was silence and then.......pandemonium,what a time to be alivelol
  10. Dario Terracotta

    2021/22 Andros Townsend

    Probably crock himself training at Finch farm now Groucho mate...... Everton that!!!
  11. Dario Terracotta

    2021/22 Andros Townsend

    Was only thinking if he had signed for any of the "media darlings"he would have already been fast tracked back into the Ingerlund squad....... selfishly I'm glad he hasn't!!!
  12. Dario Terracotta

    2021/22 Abdoulaye Doucouré

    Playing some great stuff isn't he?the big old unit lol
  13. Dario Terracotta

    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    Is the lad Oneyango(apologies if spelt wrong!!)anyway near fitness?he was close to making the squad last season, maybe an option for us "if", sorry no, this is Everton lol"when" Allan and Doucoure get injured?
  14. Dario Terracotta

    2021/22 Michael Keane

    Did well, although from where I was he had a really dodgy moment which could have cost us big time in injury time easy high ball no-one on him just outside our penalty area, had loads of time to bring the ball down on his chest and set us going but as he does too often appeared to panic and...
  15. Dario Terracotta

    The Away End - Old Trafford

    Carnage when Townsend scored,not great for a man of my vintage but for a minute I was twenty one again ;) :)
  16. Dario Terracotta

    Manager poll *second International break

    As difficult and painful as it is fo me to say,I thought he set a somewhat makeshift team up superbly today, defended well, disciplined and carried a real threat, yes Rondon didn't impress.....again!!but who knows what may have occurred if we had dropped him and had to change our shape?
  17. Dario Terracotta

    Match Thread Man Utd v Everton. Saturday Oct 2nd.12.30 pm

    Just back, made up, could have won it and I think deservedly so, still would have bit your hand off for a point beforehand though!!,fantastic "team" performance especially considering the "big hitters" we have out currently, special mentions for Mina,Doucoure (again)Townsend and Gray,feel it for...
  18. Dario Terracotta

    The Forgotten Champions 1986/1987 Everton's Last Title

    Still think a much unmentioned game turned the title in our favour, we'd had a sticky patch around February/March time and faced Charlton at Goodison,a pretty low attendance that day and our mood wasn't great when we fell behind,we equalised in the second half but I remember the mood in the...
  19. Dario Terracotta

    Player of the Month - September...

    Deserved,but keep going Andros!!and cheers to @AndyC for the work involved in these polls:)
  20. Dario Terracotta

    "Watch Classic Matches Again"

    I'm not surprised Major,a remarkable find :)
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