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  1. Azza

    Thomas Gravesen: The Big Interview

  2. Azza

    I hate you!

    I'm done. Spineless, gutless, pathetic. From the top of the club right through and cowards and sickening. 30 years. No joy, no memories. Absolutely no point, I just hate it now. In a bit.
  3. Azza

    The options

    So this kind of covers a few different threads / tooics it'll be interesting to see what people think will happen over the next few hours(?), days(?), weeks(?), month(?). So... Option 1 Moshiri ultimately says we're not sacking Silva, regardless of how things have been going or what ever...
  4. Azza

    4-2-3-1 - the bane of our footballing existence

    This has been going on for far too long now. Midfield 2 are always too deep and basically ineffective when attacking yet some how when we're defending too. Striker is always isolated - even though he should have a number 10 close to link up with yet they are never there. Wingers who rarely...
  5. Azza

    Transfer Rumour Santiago Sosa

    Surely it's time for his own transfer thread? Latest from Argentina is that his agent will fly over this week coming and it'll be announced after the U20 World Cup.
  6. Azza

    Merry Christmas

    from Everton Football Club
  7. Azza

    The Derby - Where to watch in Barcelona?

    I'm in Barcelona on the 2nd, any recommendations where to watch?
  8. Azza

    Martin Waldron suspended.

  9. Azza

    Arsene IN

    There I said it. Get on the phone to David Dein and make it happen Farhad.
  10. Azza

    The consistency of change

    Since Sam came in the PL we have used the following back lines... Kenny - Holgate - Williams - Martina | 5 times | 3 W 2D Kenny - Jags - Keane - Martina | 1 time | 1D Kenny - Holgate - Williams - Keane - Martina | 1 time | 1D Kenny - Keane - Jags - Martina | 1 time | 1L Holgate - Keane -...
  11. Azza

    Lookman loan to RB Leipzig

    GrandOldTeam submitted an update to GrandOldTeam's homepage Lookman Departs Ademola Lookman has left Everton and will spend the rest of the season on loan with RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga. The transfer comes shortly after Everton manager Sam Allardyce ruled out the prospect of Lookman...
  12. Azza

    SportPesa - at it again

    Easily the worst sponsor we've ever had. Can we bring back Chang?!
  13. Azza

    Alison Bender: Access all areas

    Great viewing!
  14. Azza

    Transfer Rumour Thomas Vermaelen

    Really not sure what to say.
  15. Azza

    The Players

    Safe to say that 90% of our match day squad need binning off. The complete lack of passion, fight and desire by so many players is killing us right now. Last year it was obvious that many downed tools over Martinez and the past few months it looks like they've continued that habit just because...
  16. Azza

    Pre Season: Real Betis

    It's like a Martinez attacking lineup!! No wingers and Kone running around like a dope. lol lol
  17. Azza

    The reaction to Everton thread

    So we've already got Southampton fans to meltdown and hate us after getting Koeman. Certain journalists saying Koeman would never come here the day before we announce it and making them look silly. With Witsel, Mata and another (if you believe @MoutsGoat) imminent (yeah I went there) what...
  18. Azza

    Rooney testimonial August 3rd
  19. Azza

    The strange thing about today...

    is that we played no differently to how we played against Palace and against Watford. Yet today we had a completely different holding midfield and attacking front 4, a combination of players who've never played together this season. Kone, Mirallas, Osman, Deulofeu, Gibbo and Besic looked no...
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