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  1. Brett Angell Delight

    First goal

    Some eye-opening stats regarding our results when scoring, or conceding first. I highly doubt there are any surprises here for anyone, but it highlights that we: a) Deserve a pat on the back for our increased ability to see games out b) Need to respond 1,000,000 better when we go behind...
  2. Brett Angell Delight

    Shot conversion

    Interesting stats on F365 today, relating to shot conversion, in particular improvement in that metric from last season to this: The main takeaways are that we are second (behind Leicester) in shot...
  3. Brett Angell Delight

    Sandro & Bolasie

    As well as the fact that they’re going to combine to play a part in football’s greatest comeback story this coming season, I found out something equally important about these two, tonight: Combining “Bolasie” and “Sandro” gives you a perfect anagram of NIASSE BALON D’OR Bring him home, Carlo.
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