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    Homepage Article What's in a name?

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    August Player of the month

    Now live on our front page. Thanks as always to everyone who votes and for Andy for running the polls;
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    chicoazul's Leeds v Everton Preview

    It's now online - on that poor Bluekipper imitation website;
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    Homepage Article Whatever people say I am, I am not

    @catcherintherye's latest article is now online;
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    Homepage Article Bruce Banner, Clark Kent and Jordan Pickford

    A new article from Dan Cummerson is online on our front page;
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    Player Threads - Sponsors

    Nice one to everyone who has an active Player Thread Sponsor subscription. ;) I'll be creating the threads shortly. Updated List - 1st September 2021 PLAYER USERNAME Jordan Pickford @chrissyjack Asmir Begovic @Tipp blue Joao Virginia @Mikey_Fitzgerald Yerry Mina @UptheTofees...
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    chicoazuls Everton v Southampton Preview

    Is online now on that jarg Grand Old Team website.
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    It's that time of year...

    It's the eve of a new season which means it's time for my annual tedious 'disclaimer' thread again... Those who have been here a while will appreciate that we're considerably more lenient with our moderating during the summer 'silly season'. And so, as we get set to enter another season of...
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    Defamation / Libellous Comments

    Blues, Don't. It's as simple as that. Our terms of service/rules are very clear. We take steps to protect the site, and also our members. This includes temporary content suppression, content removal, suspensions and bans. Thanks
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    Homepage Article Rafael Benitez Appointed Everton Manager

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    Homepage Article Everton Already Have An Identity...

    Ed's (@Dixies60) latest article is now online;
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    We've got a new Everton print

    This one; It's a follow up to another print we have - if you're feeling rich, you can pickup both;
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    Homepage Article The Beautiful and Damned

    @catcherintherye's latest article is now online - well worth a read;
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    Homepage Article Your May Everton Player of the Month

    Thanks to everyone who voted, and @AndyC as always for running/tallying;
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    How much are we spending this summer then?

    And to head off the finance cranks, predict NET spend.
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    Homepage Article Our Annual Everton Fan Survey - 2020/21

    Would appreciate it if you could all spend a few minutes completing our annual survey; Our independent annual Everton fan survey is now open! At the end of every season, we run a survey for fans to complete to quantify fan opinion across a range of Everton issues both on and off the field...
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    Homepage Article Everton's Attitude Problem

    You know it must be bad if even I've bothered to try and write some words.
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    Homepage Article chicoazul's Aston Villa v Everton Preview

    Just over here;
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