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  1. JimmyJeffers

    New Rondon Song

    @maccavennie any ideas here?
  2. JimmyJeffers

    Who’s the better striker?

    I was even thinking Beattie was better.
  3. JimmyJeffers

    Who’s the better striker?

    I’d forgotten about that mad baldy. I was so chuffed when he signed as well. That amazing summer when we signed about 5 players all in the same position.
  4. JimmyJeffers

    Who’s the better striker?

    I’m struggling to think of a worse striker for us in recent times to be honest. I’d rank Niasse and Tosun above him easily
  5. JimmyJeffers

    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    Nah don’t really agree. Last season of Martinez and a lot of the Moyes years could be particularly nasty at times. I’ve not really seen many toxic attacks on people or anything. Sure there’s the odd idiotic post here and there but nothing too mad. on topic: odd appointment but seems to have...
  6. JimmyJeffers

    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    Was just about to post this. They’ve been fairly accurate with previous years I think. They have updates each year on each player. Actually a really good feature.
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