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  1. navidson

    The structure of the club

    After sleeping on another hugely disappointing ending to a season and mooching through a whole variety of posts on here - it got me thinking as to just how we've ended up in such a weird situation. From the outside, the current situation at Everton appears to be pretty rosy. We have a...
  2. navidson

    Quality or Quantity?

    I think we can all agree that this summer is a particularly important one for Everton in terms of transfers. Last summer was a particularly fruitful one in terms of improving the quality of squad, but a few recent games (and especially last night) really showed up the depth of the squad. It...
  3. navidson

    (Missed) Chance of a Lifetime

    Watching numerous pundits attempting to disect this style/results dichotomy in football. Heard it numerous times now that how can 'teams like Everton' expect to compete with the 'Top 6' due to the shortfall in spending. What I would consider to the 'standard' Everton team cost roughly £230m...
  4. navidson

    An Unsettled Side

    Seems like every week we chop and change the team for little logical purpose - Is this just the modern game nowadays or are we still just floundering around looking for our best team? That run just after Christmas was horrendous for just randomly changing the team Man City - 2 changes Chelsea...
  5. navidson

    Andrei Kanchelskis

    Sure you probably all know - but he's doing book signings next month Liverpool - 26th Nov at Waterstones Runcorn - 27th Nov at Curiosity Bookshop Know he has lots of fans on here - bound to be an interesting read
  6. navidson

    2004/05 Season

    Just rewatching the season review from 2004/05. Some tremendous memories, but no idea how we managed to do so well with that team. What was Beattie trying to do to Gallas? Never worked it out!
  7. navidson

    The Tinkerman

    Is it strange to never play the same team twice? Arsenal (H) - 2 changes (Draw) Chelsea (H) - 1 change (Defeat) West Brom (A) - 1 change (Win) Palace (H) - 4 changes (Defeat) Liverpool (A) - 4 changes (Draw) Man Utd (A) - 2 changes (Defeat) Aston Villa (H) - 5 changes (Win) Burnley (A) - 1...
  8. navidson

    Owen Hargreaves?

    Being reported on the BBC Gossip page that we're interested in signing him after his move to Lille broke down Opinions?
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