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  1. barneygumble

    May Fixture Changes...

    Haven't seen a thread on this, but if it exists, please delete this or merge or whatever. Everton Vs. Sunderland on 9th May now changed to a 12:45, Live on BT Sport, our only selection for TV. Hello 3pm KO. Sky Fixtures Manchester United v West Brom - Sat 2 May, 5.30pm Chelsea v Crystal...
  2. barneygumble

    Standing at Aways and possibly Homes in future

    Right, i've just discussed this on Kipper, seeing as we always moan about how bad our atmosphere is away from home and at Goodison, but i came up with an idea about the Aways, obviously it's ambitious and theres no guarantee it'll work but it's worth a try i reckon, I'm trying to get a specific...
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