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  1. blulouie

    Manager for the Derby.

    Simple this one. Benitez or Big Dunc ? My take is we have lost it before we come out the tunnel under Benitez. Or Give it Dunc , the only one that can get this gang of wimps up for a game like this.
  2. blulouie

    Its all over.

    Thats it seasons all over ,what is there to look forward to now ? Boy I'm gonna miss. Saturday /Sunday evening rises in blood pressure. Sunday paper hacks telling us how we've gone wrong. Forked tongued quotes from our manager. Players apologies every week. Continual comparisons between...
  3. blulouie

    Match Day

    Lay in,wife does Bacon butties,gets me lad out of bed with the usual cattle prod. Quick bet at Corals,jump in the car. 20 mins park Stanley park. Meets mate & his lad in The Arkles.Couple of swift beers. Slow walk down to the ground "we'll do these 3-0" Lad gets new scarf & 2 pin stickers. Fish...
  4. blulouie

    Injuries this season.

    Cant ever remember a season with this many injuries. Especially to such key players , fingers crossed Tim Howard doesnt fall off a ladder or something. Can remember a midfield crisis in the past and even Steve Watson playing up front, but never this bad we havent even got to the Xmas game fest...
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