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  1. Jacko93

    Are Everton the only team to have faced......

    Are Everton the only team to have faced every single team who have played a match in top flight football in this country? If so for this country, could it perhaps be in the world? I posed a question on Twitter a few days back, and the answer seems to be that we have faced every team who has...
  2. Jacko93

    Following the AGM, How likely do you feel it is now that we will move to BM

    After the last 12 months, on a scale of 1-10, how confident are you that a new stadium will be built at Bramley Moore Docks?
  3. Jacko93

    Fans Forum - Quiz night

    Good morning blues. I know that I've put this out a few times now, and not gained much traction on past quizzes, but once again this is all for a good cause. In all honesty its probably the wrong time of year with people on holiday etc. but they want to support a good cause. Its a good...
  4. Jacko93

    Press Articles - USA Today

    Good piece on Everton in today's USA Today. Lots to be proud of and look forward to. Inside Everton's efforts to become a Premier League giant Martin Rogers , USA TODAY...
  5. Jacko93

    Everton quiz night in aid of Bradley Lowery

    The fans forum, supported by the club are putting on a quiz night, at Goodison, to raise some money for Bradley Lowery. I think it would be a good idea to get a grand old team together, to represent. I know that I have posted this idea on an earlier thread, and it didnt really get much...
  6. Jacko93

    Fans Forum quiz night

    the fans forum hold a quiz night at the Winslow every so often. Would be good to make sure it is packed out. I went to the last one and Pat van Den Hauwe turned up and during the mid quiz break, we were given the chance to listen to him and give him a few questions. Got signed pictures at the...
  7. Jacko93

    What would you consider the biggest statement of intent?

    Do you think it is the purchase of the land on the docks for a new stadium, or the potential of a BIG name player, in the mould of Isco, Mata, Witsel, Rodriguez etc? What would make the biggest statement of intent for Moshiris reign?
  8. Jacko93

    Next Manager - Alder Hey Charity fundraiser

    I realise that this may be seen as just another manager thread, however, I think that with all the names that are flying about, and with all the names that people are mentioning, I feel that it is about time that people started to put their preverbial neck on the line for a bit of fun, and to...
  9. Jacko93

    Player of the Month - December

    I'm off to the Player of the month Dinner at the Hilton tomorrow for the December POTM. I cant find out anywhere who it is/was, and I'm thinking it maybe announced at the lunch itself. Anyway, was wondering, who do you think it may be?
  10. Jacko93

    Best pub for Palace fans

    A lad in work is asking wheres best for him and his Palace mates to go before the game. I only really go to one place, and just walk to the ground from there, so not entirely sure of the make-up in the other pubs. Ive said that they'll be welcome in most, they're not bell-ends like........ But...
  11. Jacko93

    Martinez and players he targets in January

    Pienaar said in an interview the other day, that Martinez is possibly the most positive person he has ever met. I think that that will help massively in convincing players to join Everton. Just purely because of Martinez' attitude, I feel that we can attract a higher caliber of player to our...
  12. Jacko93

    There have been some boss things happening at Everton recently...

    ...and the appointment of Alan Myers has to be right up there. I just think he's ace. For some reason, on Twitter, he just makes me, and many others I'm sure, feel a proper part of the club. And he LOVES his job, like proper loves it.
  13. Jacko93

    Evertonians are a truly unique breed.

    Only on an everton forum would you see the signing of top young Belgian talent on a loan, described as a shiny toy to distract us from having actually made money while strengthening. You's do my head in, but I love ya's There are plenty of other moments like this like, which some of you...
  14. Jacko93

    Some help please - Everton Celebration v Citeh

    It was a few years back, but I remember seeing a video clip of it, or a gif or something, but anyway, away at City, maybe 3 years ago, we scored towards the end of the match and the camera looking at our end just showed limbs everywhere, and a stampede of serengeti proportions, where I swear...
  15. Jacko93

    Players who you have an unexplained love of.

    There are the players at Everton, who we all love, past and present, the fairly standard love of the past greats such as Ball, Hickson, Labone et al. But then there are the ones who, for some reason you just feel an affinity to, I know it happened with some towards Bilyaletdinov, I, admitedly...
  16. Jacko93

    Martinez March

    Whos in? Everton is calling on supporters to march to the match next weekend to celebrate Roberto Martinez's competitive Goodison Park debut. The Blues boss will face West Bromwich Albion for his first Premier League game in front of the Everton faithful on Saturday 24 August and the...
  17. Jacko93


    PRESEASON -Real Betis - Goodison - 11th August Real Betis at Goodison. I dont care, I need my football fix and this looks like a great Sunday game for a few summer bevvies around Goodison. I can't wait to see Kone tearing it up, with our Manaher shouting Spanish instructions at Leon Osman.
  18. Jacko93

    Talksport: Saturday 22:00 - 00:00

    Feature on Everton with club legends telling their stories. Could be worth a listen. I haven't seen a thread on this, so feel free to put this in the bin if there already is one.
  19. Jacko93

    Moyes and his financial restraints - Martinez

    I've heard a few things in the past, about the tight financial restrictions Moyes had in his days here, but I have also heard a few other, slightly conflicting stories. One or two being that on occasion, Moyes had the money to spend, but was too cautious to do so. I have also heard that it was...
  20. Jacko93

    At the weekends game against Villa

    Was the Gerrard Pratt thing a wind-up? Or were they genuinely trying to find a Gerrard Pratt?
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