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  1. Tipp blue

    Fan representation on the Everton Board, maybe someone from GOT? But who?

    Who's your vote?
  2. Tipp blue

    Getting youngsters to support Everton.

    Commented this on another thread maybe it needs a thread of its own. I have a 6 year old who is starting to develop an intrest in football, we live in Ireland so we aren't going to get to games very often certainly not while covid is going around I it's current form. How could you get a 6 year...
  3. Tipp blue

    Everton V Norwich

    Rock bottom Norwich coming to Goidison, played 5 lost 5, for 2 against 14.. ya know what this means...
  4. Tipp blue

    Club social media mistake.

    How can a picture of Anne Frank get past those in charge as well as the joke names.. what started out as a nice way to remember those who have passed during the pandemic, only to be hijacked by pranks. Surely the club social media team should have considered this could have happened and vetted...
  5. Tipp blue

    2021/22 Asmir Begovic

    Asmir Begovic - 2021/22 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: @Tipp blue
  6. Tipp blue

    Who's the biggest bestest Blooooo on here?

    Give us your reasons for not wanting Benitez and we'll decide who loves Everton most.
  7. Tipp blue

    The way too early predictions for next season.

    I'm going 5th to 8th improvement but top 4 will be out of reach..
  8. Tipp blue

    Koff players

    Koff Pickford Koff Coleman Koff Holgate Koff Mina Koff Davies Koff Gomes Koff Gilfi Koff Bernard Koff Iwobi
  9. Tipp blue

    04/05 vs Now

    The one and only time we finished in the top 4, how do you think that squad compares to todays? Back then we finished on 61 points and negative GD -1, due to the fact that in a few of our losses we shipped 4+ goals. Our squad then Our squad...
  10. Tipp blue

    Match Thread Everton vs Manchester City - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    FA cup football last 8.. COYB it's been far too long since we lifted a pot. Virginia Mina Keane Godfry Coleman Digne Davies Allan Bernard Richarlson DCL
  11. Tipp blue

    Match Thread Everton vs Burnley - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Not fully sure who's injured so Pickford Holgate Kean Godfrey Digne Allan Davies Iwobi Bernard Richarlson Dcl
  12. Tipp blue

    Match Thread Chelsea vs Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll.

    Massive massive game.. It's the business end of the season and we are still up there with a shout of top 4. Pickford Holgate Keane Godfrey Digne Allan Davies James Douc Richarlson DCL.
  13. Tipp blue

    Match Thread West Bromwich Albion vs Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    last time we played these DCL walked away with the game ball after the ugliest hattrick in pl history.. of course WBA will be more organised this time under former Everton Manager Big Sam. Pickford Holgate Keane Godfry Digne Allan Davies Douc James Richarlson...
  14. Tipp blue

    Know your history

    From the clubs website.
  15. Tipp blue

    Rally the troops.

    This is happening too much for my liking how often has Coleman come out and had to say something along the lines of "we have something to prove". If a group of professional players can't keep themselves motivated with a top 4 position within grasp and 2 games in hand then there's a serious...
  16. Tipp blue

    Match Thread Everton V Manchester City - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    The first of our games in hand, we need a response after the "performance" against Fulham. Time to get the tea out Carlo. Olsen Holgate Mina Kean Godfrey Allan Douc Digne James Richarlson DCL or King
  17. Tipp blue


    Penalties per game over 10 years. No surprise to see Everton tied for last place, and last among the ever presents. Leicester are top on penalties per game, and having played 150 less games than Everton have gotten 7 more penalties. Are we too quiet in acceptance decisions, last year we had 3...
  18. Tipp blue

    Carlo Meme

    Add your captions, let's make a meme of this.
  19. Tipp blue

    Goalkeeper issues and who solves them?

    Pickford is prone to an error and it would appear that Olsen is too. Neither of these should be our long term number 1. So who can realistically be the answer? Donnarumma will likely be the popular answer but there will be loads of top teams sniffing around so I genuinely see that as unlikely.
  20. Tipp blue

    Edin Dzeko
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