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  1. Yarrgh

    A simple yes or no on simple yes or no polls

    A little from column A and a little from column B.
  2. Yarrgh

    Directors of Football (A Necessity)

    The board is a shambles. It's like the cabin crew on Air France 447.
  3. Yarrgh

    The curious case of Air France 447

    Little known fahct. Benitez bought his trousers from the zeppelin surplus shop.
  4. Yarrgh

    Who’s taking training tomorrow ?

    Just have a day off lads. Get a few ales in, you'll be fine for Villa.
  5. Yarrgh

    New captain simple yes or no

    Who is the current captain?
  6. Yarrgh

    The curious case of Air France 447

    Captain Michael Keane welcomes you aboard Air France with his co-pilots Yerry and Ben.
  7. Yarrgh

    Emma Hayes for next EFC manager

    I see no reason why a woman with the correct credentials cannot do the job. Having said that, I would not be holding my breath for it to be happening in the next few years.
  8. Yarrgh

    Farhad Moshirì

    Very important decision for Moshiri now. Whoever comes in has a hell of a job to do now. It's one thing to steady the ship as it is, but to actually get it on course once it's not listing just knackered 6 managers. The new guy needs cajones and a steel belief in himself and get the players into...
  9. Yarrgh

    Fully Back New Manager

    I will support any manager who does his best to win every game we play and strives to improve the quality of football at every opportunity he has. Currently the new manager has to ensure safety from relegation, but from next season he should be showing a team that is capable of qualifying for...
  10. Yarrgh

    Rafael Benitez

    A picture of him being shot into the Mersey from the official Everton trebuchet.
  11. Yarrgh

    Rafael Benitez

    I am sorry. The bad man won't return to hurt us anymore.
  12. Yarrgh

    Martinez Mayhem

    That's 4 more in midfield than we play now. That's 1 or 2 more up front than we play now. But in defence, it's about the same.
  13. Yarrgh

    Rafael Benitez

    I thought that this thread had been yanked into world football. Have we re-hired him?
  14. Yarrgh

    Who's next after Benitez - includes a poll

    I clicked on this because I saw there was a poll. Then I saw the names on the poll and am sad.
  15. Yarrgh

    help shaun!

    Massive line.
  16. Yarrgh

    Rafael Benitez

  17. Yarrgh

    Advice For The Next One....

    With the squad as it is? Organise that defence. Make sure there's adequate protection for it in midfield. We finally have some fast attacking options so use them please. Try not to be too negative and gradually build on whatever defensive platform you create. Most sensible fans realise we need...
  18. Yarrgh

    Moshri: is he to blame?

    How? He's literally where the buck stops. Everyone else was or will be the scapegoat.
  19. Yarrgh

    Rafael Benitez

    Move this to world football. Let his name be as little a blight to Everton as it can be. Good riddance.
  20. Yarrgh

    2021/22 Salomón Rondón

    Always remember 90% is under the water.
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