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  1. Kever10

    Positives of Martinez.

    I would appoint someone on an interim basis who would not require compensation, and who a majority of fans can at least get behind short term, for example, Ferguson, even if just for a month or so. Get back to basics and hopefully, get the team playing with effort and pride. If we can pick up a...
  2. Kever10

    Roberto Martínez a simple yes or no

    I like Martinez. I have backed him and defended him in face of overwhelming negativity and criticism in the past, some of which was admittedly deserved. I think some of what he tried to do, some of his ideas for the future, his vision for the club as a whole and not just on a game by game basis...
  3. Kever10

    Everton Jan 2022 transfer thread

    Not strictly a transfer, but scrolling through Instagram and saw this advert. Looks like our infamous number 10 is trying to get back in to shape. He goes by Jason now. Will be like a new signing...
  4. Kever10

    2021/22 Anthony Gordon

    I was recently talking to someone I know with close ties to the club, specifically the younger players. We got onto Dowell, and he said he was the best football player at the club when he was here. Couldn't believe they let him go without getting a real chance. It always seemed apparent to me...
  5. Kever10

    Marcel Brands

    With all the chaos going on at the club and everyone looking for the perfect combination of scapegoats to blame, I'm surprised noone more observant than me has yet to call into question the role of this chap. It seems pretty obvious to me that the current state of the club is down to a man who...
  6. Kever10

    #27 minutes for 27 years

  7. Kever10

    Everton Jan 2022 transfer thread

    I wouldn't worry about it. Come January we will just announce a new sleeve sponsorship deal worth £10m per year or something and Richarlison will sign a new contract. In the summer, he will be sold for close to £100m and combined with a number of other deals and contracts running out, it will...
  8. Kever10

    How long will it take to fix this mess?

    It seems bad now but we knew it would be because of the state of the squad and the financial restraints placed on us by the leagues rules coupled with playing catch up for 2 years of being banned from signing players at academy level. But a team in our position, floating around in that section...
  9. Kever10


    I used turmeric capsules when recovering from my knee operation and found it worked quite well as an aid to reduce inflammation. But obviously, other people know better, and it's obviously the cause of all our problems, along the 4 B's.
  10. Kever10

    A club offers £3M for three of our players and you choose which three

    Sigurdsson, Lonergan, Rondon. Maybe see if anyone else is gullible enough to buy Tosun, Kenny, Iwobi and Gbamin for actual money.
  11. Kever10

    Duncan to join Elstone at Stockport County?

    I just asked John Ebbrell and he said he'll find out and let me know.
  12. Kever10

    Duncan to join Elstone at Stockport County?

    Imagine any of these people saying he needs to prove himself elsewhere being happy if we were ever linked with a manager from League 1 or Lower. People just seem to have a real hatred for so many people linked with the club and they become easy scape goats for any problems we have. We would...
  13. Kever10

    Duncan to join Elstone at Stockport County?

    I agree with this, but with a less cynical slant on it.
  14. Kever10

    Duncan to join Elstone at Stockport County?

    I don't think anyone's officially blamed the canteen staff yet, but they are obviously involved in our downfall.
  15. Kever10

    News of Ex Players

    Superb that. Great recommendation from @Eggs and I agree, everyone should watch this.
  16. Kever10

    Walter Smith

    Of course you didn't like him. Carry on.
  17. Kever10

    Walter Smith

    37 year old Gough would walk in to any team we've had since he left. If we found another centre back as good as him we'd be laughing.
  18. Kever10

    Farhad Moshirì

    I agree about the make up of the squad, but once you have it, there's not a lot you can do about it in the short term, which is where the patience comes in. The key is having the patience to stick with something long enough to get things right. People talking about Moyes now and the job he's...
  19. Kever10

    Farhad Moshirì

    Maybe on a game by game basis, but football never stops. And 143 years in, we are hardly on the verge of extinction. Football is and has always been cyclical. Because it is almost impossible to remain at the top, for a host of reasons. Everton in particular, seems to have very sporadic periods...
  20. Kever10

    Farhad Moshirì

    Well, for a start, it's such a wishy washy question that it doesn't really have a point other than acting as a strawman for perceived problems people are clutching at. What is any teams "identity" and does it last for any sustainable amount of time? We have problems, this is not in question...
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