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  1. blueboy1945

    EITC on the One Show

    Just seen a great piece on Everton in the community on the One Show, shows what a great community Everton stands for. [Edit by moderator to include video]
  2. blueboy1945

    Leaking line-ups

    Don't know whether it bothers anyone else, but I am very concerned that someone within the club appears to be leaking the team line ups to a certain supporter on another site who then posts it online. This can only help the opposition to set up to counter our game plan (I know..I know..). Does...
  3. blueboy1945

    Who's the greatest of them all?

    One of Evertons more forgotten heroes is for me. Royston Vernon, great player,great captain but above all a great goalscorer. For those who are a lot younger and did not have the pleasure of watching the Blues then his more well known strike partner was the "Golden Vision" Alex Young.
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