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  1. Jeff Jones

    Penalty Shootouts

    There was an interesting letter in a Melbourne paper yesterday from a man suggesting having the penalties taken before knockout matches. Then you go on to the 90 minute match and then apply the PS after a draw without the extra 30 minutes. Now, I get nervous even in matches when I don't really...
  2. Jeff Jones

    Warehouse fire

    My daughter sent an order for a Father's Day present - in Australia - to Everton Direct online last month, but got a reply a bit later saying it would be late because of a fire where stock is held. It didn't arrive and she has now been sent a refund. OK, bad luck, but in the meantime they are...
  3. Jeff Jones

    Premier League TV Rights in Australia

    For those who haven't heard, Optus have taken the TV rights from Foxtel starting next season. They will pay $63 million a year, upping Foxtel's $20 million. I assume that will mean higher subscription fees, but we'll have to wait and see. I don't know the percentage of subscribers who have...
  4. Jeff Jones

    Attendances at Everton

    I was looking at statistics on Everton Results and came across something which amazed me. In 2003/4 in 19 league matches there were 7 matches which drew over 40,000 and only 2 which drew less than 37.000. That was the infamous Moyes season when we finished 17th. Can anyone explain it? I...
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