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  1. StDomingosGringo

    2018/19 Cenk Tosun

    Missed is harsh. Gets as good contact as can be expected. Keeper makes a point blank through good positioning rather than reflex. The more important point is that his already low confidence will be further shot by not getting "lucky" in that situation.
  2. StDomingosGringo

    2018/19 Andre Gomes

    The chip in the 92nd minute was the first time I'd noticed him not complete a pass all game. Magnificent footballer. Made himself the 1st signing priority despite the need for investment upfront. Well worth 40 million.
  3. StDomingosGringo

    2018/19 Cenk Tosun

    The effort was there. Sadly not enough of anything else to be positive about for him right now.
  4. StDomingosGringo

    2018/19 Lucas Digne

    First time he's noticeably dipped below the standards he's set since becoming first choice. Was clearly frustrated with himself.
  5. StDomingosGringo

    2018/19 Cenk Tosun

    Worked hard mostly but doesn't fit the system or create for himself. Not sure he'll get a run of games to build any confidence now. Until we are in the position to spend the money for a top slotter I hope DCL gets the nod over Tosun when Richarlison is moved back out wide.
  6. StDomingosGringo

    Aston Villa v Everton. 26th Oct @ 15.00.

    Was about to say wouldn't mind seeing Naismith start if Ross was rested or Pienaar still benched. Still feels weird. No Ossie this week please Bobby.
  7. StDomingosGringo

    Sitting in the home end (away games)

    One of my last away games before leaving for warmer shores was Villa away with a mate. Sat in the stand directly opposite the away section. No dramas from the stewards or home fans even when I took off my hoody and had my EFC top on. There were lots of empties that day and what did happen was...
  8. StDomingosGringo

    John lundstram

    Wouldn't have thought he'll make the bench unless we lose another CM at this point, Osman is the first choice backup, we best just get used to it. Oviedo didn't make the bench against City and Pienaar is due back next week. If Bobby was thinking Lundstram was close to ready surely he'd have gone...
  9. StDomingosGringo

    Darron Gibson

    I always thought they were the most balanced pairing and the early signs of their partnership have been excellent. McCarthy is starting to play with confidence and having a dependable quality older pro like Barry alongside him must be a huge benefit. I hope Gibbo can come back from this the...
  10. StDomingosGringo


    Bit harsh on Mirallas there Ijjy lad. He took a knock in the previous match and played on for a while, then was touch and go to make it for City. Prior to that he was generally putting in very promising performances I'd thought, especially earlier on in games.
  11. StDomingosGringo


    He's always been a bit narky I reckon. I remember seeing Cahill shrugging him off when celebrating a goal in one of his earlier starts and someone else (Distin?) ran in to pull Seamus away pretty quick as he was starting to fire up.
  12. StDomingosGringo

    Fandango and Everton

    Nor do I mate. As said some of the WWE fellas have millions of fans/twaddle followers. Anything that gets the club exposure should be welcomed. I was just saying if Mr Testicles can get on the pitch we haven't set the bar very high.
  13. StDomingosGringo

    Fandango and Everton

    Silly and unprofessional? Mate we're the only club that can have over 125 years of glorious history and still roll out a guy dressed up as a gaint bawbag on matchday.
  14. StDomingosGringo

    David Weir the new Sheffield United manager

    Haha, yeah we poached Walt from going to Wednesday the year they went down. In retrospect they probably would have sunk even faster if we hadn't. Definitely I'd say Wednesday. They're historically the larger side arn't they?
  15. StDomingosGringo

    David Weir the new Sheffield United manager

    That's pretty much how I thought it was. Wasn't going the match as much during those few years so my sample of opinions was limited but think we understood why BK gave him the extension on the back of it. Walt was bobbins though. It was a bit of stretch, even by Davek standards. to call his...
  16. StDomingosGringo

    Football super league.

    The only way something like this could work is if the "league" was created each year from scratch via qualification from your domestic league. This years top 4 go in for a year, compete for Euro cup and Euro super league, while domestically the season is competing for top 4 to enter Euro as our...
  17. StDomingosGringo

    How long can sylvain go on for

    About four hours allegedly. And that's just the talking.
  18. StDomingosGringo

    David Weir the new Sheffield United manager

    Wasn't there a bit of a pro Walter movement in the fans round that time for sticking the knife into Agent Johnson or my memory playing tricks?
  19. StDomingosGringo

    Lukaku vs Sturridge

    If Sturridge becomes the rs' Defoe then he will have had a decent career for his abilities. If that was all Lukaku achieves he will have wasted some of his potential.
  20. StDomingosGringo


    Nice one Seamus lad. Can't say I saw him as being the personality that would want to be captain here but fair play.
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