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  1. Bob Elstone

    Lack of any quality in youth system

    Listening to the View from the Bullens podcast with Racliffe earlier. He makes a good point amongst many others, where is the talented youth players coming through? What on earth is unsworth and co bringing through? doesn’t seem to be any real talent breaking into the first team.
  2. Bob Elstone

    Shirt Sponsorship

    Watch this film re sponsorship of Chelsea - well worth it. Can you imagine someone like Elstone and Bill doing this? I can't....
  3. Bob Elstone

    The Season Ahead

    Well here we are on the eve of a new season and I must say I am looking forward to another successful season both on and off the park. David has a fantastic squad of international players at his disposal and Europe should be attainable. Commercially we are very proud to have Chang as our...
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