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    Worst Individual Performances at Goodison

    I've seen the likes of Sigurdsson and Iwobi have proper shockers at Goodison in recent years, but was just thinking then and remembered the very worst Goodison performances from either side I can think of (beyond obvious ones like Nyarko/Koldrup) - it's this disasterclass from Paul McShane...
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    The Clear-out

    Who would you most love to see never play for us again after this summer from the shower of mammary glands we have in the squad now? Keane, Sigurdsson, Iwobi, Gomes, Delph for me.
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    Football Is Dead

    That's pushed me over the edge. I'm done with the sport. There's no defending the blatant incompetency and corruption. How are we meant to invest time and energy into supporting the game when it's in this state. Totally, completely done. [Poor language removed] off.
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    Interesting stadium concept - mentions Everton as a potential target for the design, so thought it was relevant. What do you reckon to this - personally think it would make an absolute bearpit of an atmosphere...
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    The Most Everton Thing Ever

    Noted a comment by @Bryan earlier about Payet scoring an injury time winner after being 2-0 up being just about the most Everton thing imaginable. Can anyone else remember anything else that is so Everton that as soon as you saw it you just thought "Everton that"?
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    Deulofeu 'Nickname'?

    Let's settle this once and for all eh?
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    Our most important ever signing?

    Just seen that Kevin Campbell mobbing video in the excellent GOT video section, proper brilliant stuff. Got me thinking though, who was our most important ever signing? For me, it probably was Kev, as I think we were down and out that season if he didn't arrive, as we were as bad as bad can be...
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    Everton vs. Wimbledon

    Just found this and never seen it before after looking for Horne's goal. One of my favourite Everton games for all the wrong reasons, and well worth a watch.
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    19th January - Everton vs. West Brom

    If we're 15th or lower (or only pick up a point in the run of fixtures, either/or) come the end of this game, should Martinez be sacked? Games: Hull City (A) Man City (H) WBA (H) Currently 12th.
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    Neville Southall

    After the GOT question on Facebook and the front page news, I rooted this out on YouTube. I may be biased, but in terms of positioning and reflexes, has there ever been a better goalkeeper? He is an actual living football legend.
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    <3 Everton FFS

    With the season now basically over, I just want to type some nonsense about how I feel about Everton. This time last year, I was massively conflicted. I wanted David Moyes out, but I had no answer for who I wanted in. "Anyone" was basically my answer, but if we'd hired Allardyce or Hughes or...
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    Following on from a discussion in the match thread that has honestly taken me by surprise, so a genuine question for the younger fans. Do you genuinely feel that winning the League Cup (or ANY cup for that matter) is a prerequisite for Everton to be an established big club? The reason I...
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    Best Everton Right/Left Back Ever?

    Just having a discussion now - I never thought any of the current crop of Everton players would make an all time most talented eleven, but have we actually had a more talented overall right back than Seamus Coleman? The obvious main competition for that accolade is Gary Stevens but I'm not...
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    Sorting the Chaff from the Wheat I haven´t got anything against Arouna Kone, Antolin Alcaraz and the dozen or so other Wigan players we´re linked with; however, the fact we´re continually linked with Championship players is a bit...
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    Aiming for the Champions League? Damn Right!

    Roberto Martinez promised Bill Kenwright a run at the Champions League - and I for one applaud the ambition, and say it's about bloody time. If there's one thing I won't miss about the Moyes era it's the non-stop pessimism. I grew tired and increasingly angry at the "plucky old Everton" tag...
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    Just Go For It

    It´s strange how a short time in football can change everything. When we bent over for Wigan in the FA Cup, the patience of even the most optimistic Everton fan was tested. For the umpteenth time, a talented Everton side seemingly on a roll had failed when it mattered most, and with the...
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    Neville Neville Arrested for Sexual Assault

    Sky News now. Not sure if it's Everton related, but any excuse to write the name Neville Neville to be honest.
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    Liverpool Echo Throws Dummy Out Of Pram

    Thought this was worthy of a new thread. In response to the stick they've been getting after the Talksport "expose", the Echo have came out with this:# If only they had...
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    The Abuse of Heitinga on Twitter

    I know we've got a Heitinga thread, but I thought this needed a separate one. To all those abusing Heitinga on Twitter, a message from every proper Evertonian in the world - get ****ed, crawl back into the holes you came out of and never surface again. It's worth the infraction. Sickening...
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    John Stones

    Paint Trophy. Bid accepted according to GOT Twitter. Thoughts?
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