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  1. Huyton Layne

    2021/22 Abdoulaye Doucouré

    Abdoulaye Doucouré - 2021/22 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: @Huyton Layne
  2. Huyton Layne

    2020/21 Abdoulaye Doucouré

    Abdoulaye Doucouré - 2020/21 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: @Layne
  3. Huyton Layne

    2019/20 Beni Baningime

    Beni Baningime - 2019/20 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: @Layne
  4. Huyton Layne

    Little things that mean a lot.

    So for the past week or so I was home in England from the States. Wanted to show my 5 year old boys my hometown but had a major need to show them Goodison. Tried to book a tour but they stop after the last home game so they can work on the ground, which was disappointing but understandable. I...
  5. Huyton Layne

    Rom doesn't hold a record

    So just 'koff with this football didn't exist before 92 BS. And if you know your history...
  6. Huyton Layne

    The Sunderland MoM thread

    Straight up battle between the two defensive midfield Gods. No frills, No cheese options.
  7. Huyton Layne

    Back of next season's shirt Everton fans have the opportunity to contribute to the design of the new 2017/18 home shirt by voting on the type of motif to go on the back of the famous royal blue jersey. Recently the Everton Fans' Forum asked supporters to...
  8. Huyton Layne

    Worst performance by a scoring striker?

    Inspired by Everton's best number 9 since the last one. Can you think of terrible performances by an Everton in which they've still managed to score?
  9. Huyton Layne

    New Money Yo Yo Club vs Everton

    Where's the thread @chicoazul? I need to say nasty things about the team and their fans.
  10. Huyton Layne

    Pick a future player

    Pick any Everton player that has yet to born that you'd bring back in time to be part of tomorrow's game at stoke before he then changes his own past and ceases to exists a la Back to the Future...
  11. Huyton Layne

    Terrible excuses

    All the apologists in here please. Try to keep it in one thread so I don't have to come back in here and see the pathetic drivel. ta xx
  12. Huyton Layne

    Question for the people in the U.S...

    Taped match of the day at about midnight-1am ish on Saturday on NBCSN. Was shocked we weren't first on, or second, or third. Then I got annoyed and started fast forwarding to find we didn't feature at all. Did anyone see a MOTD that our game was shown on? Was going email to find what the balls...
  13. Huyton Layne

    Do I go to the pub?

    Back in Liverpool. Was aiming to watch it on a "dirty river" but now it's getting closer the time thinking of going the pub. Anywhere in Huyton that gets a decent turnout of blues?
  14. Huyton Layne

    The season is very much over

    Yet the price of 'last' season's shirts are still ridiculously high. Am I wrong in thinking they've been down to £10 by now in past years? Just saw on Facebook that there's free worldwide shipping on order over £30 so went to look and the home shirt SS is still £28.50, with a large selection of...
  15. Huyton Layne

    7th lads

    It's still a very real possibility if we don't turn up on Sunday.
  16. Huyton Layne

    Paddy Power Link from the Club 7/1 odds

    From the club's Facebook page "Paddy Power have a new account exclusive for Everton fans to take advantage of - get the Blues to win at a massive enhanced price of 7/1 (currently 15/8)! Sign up now through this link to take advantage of the offer -" Seems like a good deal to...
  17. Huyton Layne

    Cringeworthy or a great deal?

    I think it's terrible that the Chairman is using his position to peddle tickets to his play.
  18. Huyton Layne

    Gift ideas

    On the back of our FA Cup game the club has released some timely merchandise as is their habit.
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