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  1. Saint Domingo

    Everton That

    May as well add to the post season gloom. A classic ‘Everton that’ moment this season was Gbamin getting injured again immediately after returning from 18 months getting back to fitness. History is littered with Everton that moments large and small including two world wars and a European ban...
  2. Saint Domingo

    An inconvenient truth

    The inconvenient truth is that Koeman, Allardyce, and Silva probably had this group of players over performing. Before everyone dies laughing, I’d say that what they did which was unforgivable is buy them in the first place, but once they were in the squad they’ve actually taken teams of players...
  3. Saint Domingo

    Worst performance in our history.

    Honestly can’t think of a worse one.
  4. Saint Domingo

    How many goals will we score this season?

    I think Kean is a brilliant signing for many reasons but I’ve already expressed previously on here that I’d be very surprised if a 19 year old in his first season in the prem hit an amount you’d expect of a lead striker for a team looking to get into the top 6. I think there’s a huge amount of...
  5. Saint Domingo

    Anyone else excited for the upcoming season?

    In my opinion there’s been an undeserved air of negativity surrounding the good town of Everton over the last season and building into the upcoming campaign. It may be an unpopular opinion but I believe that we could be on the cusp of a very exciting time this season and in the coming years. A...
  6. Saint Domingo

    The Unholy Trinity

    Schneiderlin Gueye Siggurdson. Over 70 million pounds of ‘talent’ yet in my option they are the worst Everton midfield I’ve seen since the turn of the century. In recent times we’ve seen Rooney Besic Cleverley Klaasen Vlasic leave the club whilst these three have remained. Apart from Klaasen I...
  7. Saint Domingo

    Who will be our top scorer?

    Now that the window has closed and we know our attacking options for the season, who do we think will score the most?
  8. Saint Domingo

    Does Allardyce deserve some credit?

    I absolutely loathe the man, but i think he deserves some credit for some of the tough medication he gave us in dragging us out of the mess Koeman had created. - Retiring Rooney as a striker (Koeman showed no indication of doing it) - Binning the multiple number 10s (ok we sometimes played...
  9. Saint Domingo

    Are the hipster element of the fanbase holding us back?

    Bit of fun, but I’ve long been of the opinion they’re not healthy for Everton. Let me describe the profile: 16-36, will make out that any Everton player from the late 90s was better than any player from the Moyes era (despite most of them probably not even remembering the 90s). Andrei...
  10. Saint Domingo

    Why so many injuries?

    Off the top of my head since the horror show of 2009. Arteta - ACL Yakubu - ACL Jagielka -ACL Anichebe - Medial ligaments and broken leg Gosling ACL Barkley - broken leg Hibbert - rare virus Besic - ACL Gibson - everything Osman - missed half a season Pienaar - missed a whole season Kone...
  11. Saint Domingo

    Wanting Success.

    Please calmly put your head back on, I know I said the S word and the W word in the same sentence. Fans of yesteryear hung banners ‘Sack Catterick, Keep Young’, they jostled him in a car park, they stayed away from Goodison in their droves no less than 3 seasons after a title winning campaign...
  12. Saint Domingo

    Will we beat the ‘entertainers’

    Roberto Martinez with the likes of Stones Barkley Deulofeu and Lukaku at his disposal guided us to two ‘phenomenal’ 11th place finishes in a row with 47 points in each. A ‘phenomenal’ achievement from a manager who had been given time to mould his own philosophy on his own squad and had by and...
  13. Saint Domingo

    Stop kicking us. Time to stand up for Everton.

    The recent managerial shenanigans and upcoming derby league and cup double header have brought out a typically Evertonian characteristic that appears to be more prevalent in our fan base than others. I’m talking about the unusual characteristic of self loathing that Evertonians and this forum...
  14. Saint Domingo

    Are you that bothered?

    It’s an opinion rammed down football fans throats by the media: ‘the football is dour’ ‘dinosaur football’ ‘% football’. As though anything played in the air is awful whilst only tiki takes in slippers on a carpet is entertainment. We played quite a few long balls against West Ham. At no point...
  15. Saint Domingo


    We all know the narrative around poor recruitment, Koeman failing to inspire his players, poor tactical decisions, the indecision over the manager position, and the departures of key players. Whilst the footballing community have reacted with joy on what seemed to be the carcass of Everton, it’s...
  16. Saint Domingo

    Top Three Everton Goals you’ve seen live

    Fed up of refreshing the Everton manager thread or discussing how rubbish we are. What are the top 3 Everton goals you’ve seen in the flesh and why? They don’t have to be best for quality, could be the crowd reaction or significance of the goal etc. 3. Osman v Larissa: pure class from start to...
  17. Saint Domingo

    07-09 Team

    It didn't seem to attract much praise at the time but have the subsequent years and the harsh reality of the premier league given you a greater appreciation of the 07-09 team and what they accomplished (relative to premier league Everton not historical Everton)? They're never spoken of as...
  18. Saint Domingo


    Every club has them. There's some when viewed in isolated incident that you cannot prevent against either. Is it just me or do Everton seem to get a lot of them? Not just your infamous 'soft tissue' ones either, but serious long term ones to key players? Just this season we've seen Besic...
  19. Saint Domingo

    The Run In

    6 games remaining, max 18 points available, which would bring us to the magic number of......72 points. Burnley H West Ham A Chelsea H Swansea A Watford H Arsenal A Can it be done? Put your money where your Everton is.
  20. Saint Domingo

    Last big game we won?

    When was it? I'm struggling to remember. My definition of a big game: Any semi final or final (winning the home leg but losing overall tie doesn't count) Any game away at top 6 Any game v that lot Any game with an outcome on the line (e.g win to get top 4) By my own reckoning you've got to go...
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