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  1. Barnfred 55

    Are we playing a defensive high line?

    @Crimhead Help me out here guys. I was called out yesterday for suggesting in the Rennes match thread that we were getting caught out employing a defensive high line. The poster was of the opinion that we weren't and that Silva doesn't normally employ such tactics. Now I don't know enough...
  2. Barnfred 55

    Southampton game lap of appreciation.

    This is one for the match goers. What are you going to do, assuming that nothing has changed between now and then as regards Allardyce seeing out the term of his contract.
  3. Barnfred 55

    Should the club loan the likes of Klaassen and Sandro to other Premier League clubs?

    I notice there has been a lot of debate on here regarding the merits (or otherwise) of loaning players to other Premier league clubs. The fear of many is that it could hand the initiative to one of our peers as we all battle against relegation. I was interested to see what the general consensus...
  4. Barnfred 55

    Ross Barkley and England

    Yes I know we have a Barkley thread already and we also have a recent thread re the relevance of International football. But in Ross's case, playing for England is obviously so important to him and there's no doubt in my mind that being dropped by England at the beginning of the season was a big...
  5. Barnfred 55

    Dead Ball Specialist

    Summerisle talked me into this. Was watching the video of our 84/85 F A Cup semi win over Luton, and it reminded me what it was like to have a dead ball maestro like Sheeds in the team. Oh to have somebody like him now. Baines has provided some moments over the years but seems to have lost the...
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