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  1. blueloon

    2021/22 Anthony Gordon

    Anthony Gordon - 2021/22 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: @blueloon
  2. blueloon

    2020/21 Anthony Gordon

    Anthony Gordon - 2020/21 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: @blueloon
  3. blueloon

    2019/20 Anthony Gordon

    Anthony Gordon - 2019/20 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: @blueloon
  4. blueloon

    Kevin Sheedy’s 1-11

    Summerisle posted this originally in the ex- players thread , thought it deseved its own thread, so skip if you’ve seen it, but worth a watch if you want the gen on our great players of the 80’s.
  5. blueloon

    2018/19 Beni Baningime

    Beni Baningime - 2018/19 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: @blueloon Please use this thread for all discussion relating to Beni Baningime's 2018/19 match performances. Feel free to start new threads regarding any new topics of discussion relating to this player - new contracts...
  6. blueloon

    Big Dunc's Headed Hat trick.

    With Rondon scoring a hat trick with his head last night it was mentioned that Big Dunc was the first , and only other one to do it in the PL in the 3-2 victory over Bolton 19 years ago. Enjoy! Everton 3-2 Bolton Wanderers 1997-98 - YouTube ▶ 2:56
  7. blueloon

    Stones/Garbutt resting post U21s?

    I see that neither Stones or Garbutt played today. Someone said somewhere that FIFA rules re resting after Tournaments, like U21s they were involved in, required a specific period that they weren't allowed to play. Anybody confirm this is the case and when they will be available? Ta
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