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    Moment of the season

    The last goal of the season at GP and put in by DCL.
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    Confirmed Signing Anwar El Ghazi

    Hey Slippy G your player is coming back, cheers.
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    2021/22 Cenk Tosun

    The signing was down to BFS.
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    Transfer Rumour James Tarkowski

    In this and further signings wonder if they are in accord with what Lampard wants. I hope that he does have a great say on new players and is not just having to accept signings.
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    I think we will. I look back to the pre seating time. Thinking back to being in GSE in those far off days when the crowds were 60,000 plus and a couple of times of 70,000. What a do then.
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    Everton summer 2022 transfer thread

    That is my view, a deadwood addition.
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    Everton summer 2022 transfer thread

    To whom. Boy that is not far away. Does that mean we could lose the likes of Richie even if he is on that list ?
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    Everton summer 2022 transfer thread

    For some one who is 29 isn't it, starting to get injuries not worth a shout.
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    Everton summer 2022 transfer thread

    What nonsense, Lampard and his staff know the players now, who to get rid of, who to keep and what is needed. So give give some one new all pre season to catch up, Parlour speaking out of his rear end. Last thing we need is another manager sacking and paying out compo.
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    Everton summer 2022 transfer thread

    But not now, yes.
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    2021/22 Cenk Tosun

    read some where recently Besiktas will not sign, wage demands too high !
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    Everton summer 2022 transfer thread

    Do you know it is not true ? Is he not under contract ?
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    Everton summer 2022 transfer thread

    What annoys me is Siggy been picking up a huge pay packet each month and not playing all year. Did he have a deal with the Icelandic Police ?
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    So called clear out

    Not sure on that seems very prone for things happening, can we risk having a CB not playing for half a season ?
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    So called clear out

    Wasn't that down to FSW ?
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    Everton summer 2022 transfer thread

    From you wirte seems like some make up their own rules. You can bet if we did that, what would happen ?
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    2021/22 Richarlison

    No word as yet on his ambitions.
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    Now we know we’ve no divine right to be in the top flight…

    I think so as well and no affinity with fan base unlike Lampard.
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    Everton summer 2022 transfer thread

    When does the transfer season start ?
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    2021/22 Dele Alli

    Do you want him signed and pay the exorbitant fee wanted by Spurs for a player they do not want and there ?s about his play and attitude. If he was so good Spurs would not let him go. I want players who want to come here not other club's has beens.
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