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  1. sageyefc

    The thread of shame

    Tag in any so called ‘supporters’ that are content with a fat kopite dragging us down. Explain yourselves @davek @ForeverBlue92 hes your man own it
  2. sageyefc

    Next spat?

    See The poisoness rat Benitez is back to old tricks falling out with players, seems to be trying to ostracise digne but who’ll be next. My moneys on richy, looks frustrated chasing aimless hoofs
  3. sageyefc

    Go for the full house?

    Is brands impending departure enough to satisfy our blood lust or do we go for the full house and have a proper clear out. Let the polls decide
  4. sageyefc

    Who’s the better striker?

    Never has a tweet summed it up so well
  5. sageyefc

    FSW sweepstakes

    How long before the kopite rat is booted?
  6. sageyefc

    Fat! Fat! Sack! Sack!

    Time for the first of many this season. Benitez out
  7. sageyefc

    Carlo yay or nay??

    I believe it’s in the forums interest to log who’s on what side
  8. sageyefc

    End of season awards

    Praise be to Jesus that’s finally over, none of them really deserve it but let’s have some awards. The categories, Player of the season - Young player of the season - goal of the season - best moment - worst moment - most overrated player - most underrated player - And the prestigious, sageys...
  9. sageyefc

    Goth FC

  10. sageyefc

    Bump in the road

    Other than short ass messing up again that was the best performance at anfield I've seen in ages, as long as baby joe hart doesn't mess up again we should batter Newcastle and continue our rise under marco Andre you complete me Coybs Sageyxx
  11. sageyefc

    Are you worried?

    Obviously Rome wasn't built in a day and it was always going to take time but other than the first 30 minutes against Porto there doesn't seem to be much improvement from last season, if anything we actually look worse defensively which takes some doing. I know people can say 'it's only...
  12. sageyefc

    End this suffering

    Buy a new fkin defence please marcel, forget just the one CB aswell need at least two. We have the worst set of central defenders in the league
  13. sageyefc

    2018 summer transfer thread

    gladiators ready
  14. sageyefc

    Marco Silva

    strong favourite for the next manager, all the chatter in here mein frandels
  15. sageyefc

    Things more enjoyable than watching Everton under allardyce

    Isis propaganda videos
  16. sageyefc

    Confidence in the board

    Pretty important summer coming up and some big decisions to be made, are you confident in the current board to make the right decisions and take us forward? Are you worried they might continue to make questionable decisions and lack leadership and direction? Think we're in a better position to...
  17. sageyefc

    Club announcement: Pele comes out of retirement to sign on a 6 month deal

    lol lol lol lol Aprils fools lads. Lads!!! Lads!!!
  18. sageyefc

    Alladyce snap poll

    Time to bring back the snap poll
  19. sageyefc

    Worst cm pairing?

    Shrek and schneirderfraud as a midfield two got to be in with a shout of worst pairing we've seen in decades, certainly the slowest. At least when heitingha and Neville played in there they put in some effort
  20. sageyefc

    Rat face Kopite

    Talk that the rat sammy lee could come in with the fat one. Our boards lost theirs minds, Everton is in flames, the end is nigh Discuss
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