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    2021/22 stats

    Can’t find any stats thread. It’s fun to look at but reading too much into it will skew the perception of the game. I’ll start with Allan top 5 tackle in the league, top 3 when it comes to midfielder: current count stands at 21 in 7 games. only behind willock(Newcastle) and kucka(watford). 23...
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    James, left right or center

    for the balance of the team. I prefer to see him center. We have nobody capable of playing an effective center attacking midfielder. the right side is open to exploit all season if we persist with him. the balance of the team is disrupted if we keep scrambling players out of position to cover...
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    Ancelotti - fans expectation.

    Simple question, with 2 choices to make it more realistic.
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    Thomas Meunier

    Surely deserve his own thread. You can’t offer a contract offer without the permission of the club. Assuming this report is true. I hope this is not tied to any possibility of Gana moving the other way. Obligatory YouTube vid Everton have made a provisional contract offer to Thomas Meunier...
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    [POLL] Should Ronald Koeman be sacked?

    Let's have the latest poll figure before his expected sacking
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    Steven Kinsella

    Steven Kinsella, who is this kid? Any blue had any information about him? Whats the transfer fee like? We've beaten the likes of Chelsea, Man Utd and spura to land him. Sounds like we bag a wonderkid.
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    Sky Sports understands that Argentinian star Juan Roman Riquelme is on the verge of joining West Ham on a two-year deal. The former Villarreal midfielder is ready to return to Europe after a three-year stint with domestic giants Boca Juniors. Foootball agent, Barry McIntosh, has...
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    Cahill's contribution.

    Did nothing apart from the shot, we're no different from playing with 10 men. Was he having a go at Pienaar while walking off the pitch? What was he ranting about?
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    Our creativity!

    Taking out cahill makes such a big difference to our attacking play. All our 5 midfielders were inventive and creative. I've never seen us play with so much variation and flair. We didn't restrict ourselves only to crossing. There were so many pockets of space to exploit because of an extra...
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    Underated Neil

    With all the hype on felli, donavan and pienaar, I would like to remind everyone of our unsung hero Lucas Neil. He is the reason for our reduction of hoofball. If you study him carefully, his first option is always trying to thread the ball forward. If it's not possible, he'll carry it himself...
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    The winning feeling at last!!

    Relieve, exitement, joy and so ******* glad to experience winning again!! GOD IS GREAT!!!
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    Our season starts now.

    Our fighting spirit is back. Heit is strong contender for MoM again. Neill did well against one of the best striker in the world. Hibbert didnt do much wrong. Howard kept the score down. A pt against chelsea away. Feel free to add to the list.
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    David Bentley

    anyone fancy a loan move for him?
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    Pippo Jozaghi

    Jo reminds me of Inzaghi. The lazy, lurking, opportunist with limited skills and spent 90 mins trying to play at the edge of offside trap. I've notice we've play a lot of thru balls down the middle towards Jo in recent matches. Not sure it'll work on Jo but it's certainly nice to watch.
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    Hoofball - instruction or preference?

    Quite many of us do not like to see us play hoofball from the back. I hate it with a passion. The main culprit? Yobo follow by Distin. Some might say we do not have players to carry the ball in midfield due to injuries but yobo had been hoofing even with pieenar and arteta in front of him. My...
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    We've been poor far too often

    arsenal fulham burnley portsmouth bate stoke wolves we've played 13 games so far and 7 of them were really poor compare to our usual standard. The most worrying thing is we've been poor since portsmouth and that 4 consecutive match. Time to stop giving excuses and have a good look at...
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    Our revenue

    Robert Elstone Expectations on international rights remain high and the Premier League will spend the next six months securing deals by territory directly with international broadcasters. If you’re interested, Everton generally takes more than one-twentieth of the domestic rights fees as a...
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    Arteta and yakubu

    Boss Urges Yak Caution – News Archive – News – – The Official Website of Everton Football Club David Moyes is remaining cautious over the return of Yakubu. The striker has figured in a couple of reserve games and also played the last 15 minutes of the...
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    Transfer under Moyes

    Player transaction under moyes. 2008 In Dan Gosling - 1m Andrew Gardner - Loan Lars Jacobsen - Free Segundo Castilla - Free Louis Saha - Undisclose Carlo Nash - Free Marouane Fellaini - 13m Out Manuel Fernandes - Loan James McFadden - 4.75m Anderson Da Silva - Free Alan Stubbs - Free Anthony...
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    Transfer deadline aftermath - view and reaction.

    Generally I am please with our summer transfer, was hoping we can add one more CM to ease the burden of arteta. The problem in RM was not solve either. What I'm most concern is the 20 odd million we have in disposal now. Will it be gone in Jan?
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