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  1. BigMick

    Old Everton Pictures

    I think that was Joe's first goal for us - put us 1-0 up with a minute to go ;) - they went straight up the other end and equalised (n)
  2. BigMick

    Old Everton Pictures

    Some classic Mick answers there Joey - Favourite singer: Dobbo, Person you'd most like to meet: Shankly after we beat them :D
  3. BigMick

    Question for us 'older' blues.

    Two clips here which show him wearing dark boots. The mystery thickens...
  4. BigMick

    Old Everton Pictures

    Swan was one of the three players involved in the betting scandal along with Tony Kay and another whose name escapes me.
  5. BigMick

    Old Everton Pictures

    I suspect Labby would have made them both better defenders. He was not only a great leader but had a calming influence on his fellow defenders - we missed him when he was forced to retire! Whether the Catt would have signed them in the first place is another matter!
  6. BigMick

    2021/22 Richarlison

    Has he been banged up yet?
  7. BigMick

    Match Thread Everton v Chelsea - Preview, Match Report & MotM Poll.

    These players have made me feel ashamed and embarrassed so often this season but every one of them was immense today - keep it up!
  8. BigMick

    2021/22 Jordan Pickford

    Finally forgiven him for that last minute Origi goal - brilliant today.
  9. BigMick

    Confirmed Signing Anwar El Ghazi

    Poor old El Ghazi - not only ignored by Frank but ignored in his own GOT thread!
  10. BigMick


    I'd wiped that horror show from my mind but you're right.
  11. BigMick

    Old Everton Pictures

    Keith Newton looks more like Dalglish :eek: Would never recognise Bally!
  12. BigMick


    A lesson I've finally learned. I watched the cricket instead (but couldn't resist sneaking a look at this forum between overs).
  13. BigMick

    2021/22 Frank Lampard

    Didn't see it but thought he was the same in his pre-Leicester press conference when he mentioned our next two games being against the RS and Chelsea, then said he thinks our relegation battle will go on to the final game of the season. Horrible fear it will all be done and dusted by then.
  14. BigMick


    yeah it's shameful to be below a team like that - they are not even a good Burnley team. Just got more guts than our lot. Even if we somehow stay up our richly paid players should be embarrassed.
  15. BigMick

    2021/22 Vitalii Mykolenko

    Very much agree with the first two sentences, but to be fair to Townsend, he's out for the season with the injury he picked up in the Palace game. Otherwise I think he'd be getting the odd game and coming on from the bench, which when we signed him was what most of us thought he would do.
  16. BigMick

    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    Me too. Loved watching him play.
  17. BigMick

    2021/22 Ellis Simms

    Agree with that. The bits I've seen of Simms at Hearts suggest that he has improved his hold up play and is using his physical strength to greater effect than I've seen before. They were aspects of his game that didn't impress me at youth level. If he can continue to develop that side of his...
  18. BigMick

    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    That hadn't occurred to me - may be something in it or, as you say, just a coincidence. Whichever, he's been unlucky.
  19. BigMick

    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    That's true - luck plays a part in all player development. Injuries at an inopportune time, or too many of them, can stymie any progress. For confirmation see Walsh, Liam.
  20. BigMick

    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    Totally agree about Gibson - he's gone backwards - and you're right about glib phrases like 'pathway to the 1st team'. It could be, though, that Gibson simply wasn't as good as we thought he was. Disagree about Gordon - he himself as described it as beneficial. "The loan benefited me...
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