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  1. Zatara


    Fresh off Stake...another deal signed Although this appears to be internal software perhaps brought over by Thelwell.
  2. Zatara

    New Shirt Sponsor

    Looks like weve got someone for a higher fee on a multi-year deal
  3. Zatara

    The £600mil+ spend narrative

    Weve been reading alot about how much money the club has spent under Moshiri and also how the playing squad has become worse under his ownership. I've checked through a few sources for each incoming/outgoing and while will never be 'exact' i think we've spent £222.75mil as a net figure. This...
  4. Zatara

    Where will we finish?

    With the appointment of Lampard, his backroom team and the new signings where do you think we will finish? Current table 8th Wolves P21 34pts 9th Brighton P22 30pts 10th Leicester P20 26pts 11th Villa P21 26pts 12th Southampton P22 25pts 13th Palace P22 24pts 14th Brentford P23 23pts...
  5. Zatara

    Patience for a 2.5 season strategy?

    The stadium will be ready in 2024 and I think we'll see a second wave of investment at that time. Over this and the next two seasons (22/23 and 23/24) we rebuild the squad at close to zero net spend. Only spending what we bring in and taking the FFP / Profit and sustainability back to around...
  6. Zatara

    The Fab Four

    With all the 'doom and gloom' this week, here's a bit of a giggle for everyone: “Now we are comfortable with Cenk Tosun as a focal point, we have Bolasie back, Sigurdsson, Rooney - we have our own Fab Four!” Farhad Moshiri 10th January 2018. Moshiri joining in 2016: CF: Lukaku, Niasse...
  7. Zatara

    Centre Forward Poll

    Has there been any worse Everton centre forward since the premier league began than Rondon? Ive witnessed the worst of Barlow, Angell, Spencer, Branch, Madar etc...this guy is non-league in comparison.
  8. Zatara

    A top 6 Defence

    I came across this article in the mail today and it got me thinking about our defence; City Back five: Ederson (GK), Kyle Walker (RB), John Stones...
  9. Zatara

    Player contract expiry dates

    Just a thread to show when contracts elapse. The reason why Ive been saying that we have to sell 15/16 players is because in 2021 8 contracts expire and 2022 11 contracts expire. Almost all of these players wont be extended and so its better to move them on now for a transfer or loan to...
  10. Zatara

    Left Midfield

    Who do you think Ancelotti should be playing left midfield?
  11. Zatara

    The dream team...

    How about...Arteta in as manager with Moyes as his assistant? Moyes would be seen as 'helping' a former player to get ob the managerial ladder and perhaps only in for the season as his assistant. Arteta taking the reigns building expansive football from a solid Moyes defence... Id be very...
  12. Zatara

    Leadership (consoling Son) Poll

    Ive not really said anything about it until today. My first reaction when Coleman was off consoling Son was utter bewilderment. Pick a top player in the league who has been considered a winning captain throughout a period of success...Terry, Keane, Gerrard, Vieira etc. Could anyone imagine...
  13. Zatara

    Squad rebuild 50% complete

    In light of the recent criticisms of Brands / Silva I feel that we should look again at the number of players still needing to be offloaded. The players whose contracts should be assessed (in my view) are Gibson / Sidibe / Keane / Kenny / Bernard. The rest of them I believe will be gone over...
  14. Zatara

    The first 11

    Ive seen a huge number of posts slating Silva / Brands / Moshiri tonight. Heres my take on the first 11 based on Brands/Silva signings when all are fit; Pickford Coleman Keane Mina Digne Gbamin Gomes Iwobi Richarlison Kean Bernard Some questions: 1 -- Which of our other squad players...
  15. Zatara

    The Old Guard

    A few posts recently about the 'senior' players in the team commenting on how theyre 'unsellable'... We need better players and leadership. STARTING Jagielka -- Finished Coleman -- Relies on Richarlison/Keane Gana -- Useless with the ball Sigurdsson -- 98% anonymous BENCH Stekelenburg --...
  16. Zatara

    The defence

    Simple question (ignoring Silva and our current malaise please!)... What kind of defensive system do you prefer; Solid flat back four Back four with attacking full backs Three at the back with wingbacks From next season onwards...
  17. Zatara

    Player Contracts (Part 2)

    Please take a look here: This summer we will lose: Jagielka - End of contract Baines - End of contract Browning - End of contract Zouma - End of loan Gomes - End of loan A Williams - already at Stoke until his contract expires...
  18. Zatara

    Player Contracts

    I thought it may be helpful to list down the contract expirations of our players here: 2019 (6 players) Baines Jagielka Browning Williams Zouma Gomes 2020 (7 players) McCarthy Stekelenburg Niasse Martina Garbutt Galloway Tarashaj 2021 (9 players) Pennington Schneiderlin Walcott Bolasie...
  19. Zatara


    After the draw with Chelsea (and close results with Arsenal and United) which 3 players do you think we should upgrade to push us up a level?
  20. Zatara


    I feel that a lot of posters are being extremely harsh when we are sitting on 6pts and unbeaten after 4 games. If we beat West Ham we will have 9pts from 5 games which would be a very good beginning of the season + we are through to the next round of a cup. All of this despite Jagielka, Digne...
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