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  1. BiggyRat

    Derby forfeit.

    With Thiago testing positive to COVID-10, I think it's only fair to protect the competition and get 'them' to forfeit the next 2, 3, or dozen matches....just to be sure. :cool:
  2. BiggyRat

    Do we need relegation?

    Not for one second do I want it but is relegation the answer here? Would the reality of dropping down wake certain elements of the club up from its current coma of ineptitude?
  3. BiggyRat

    Merry Christmas from the OzMates!

    Hey GoT-ers. I'm going offline & 'up Country' for a few days so just wanted to wish everyone a safe & Happy Blue Christmas! Shouldn't be too hot for us this Christmas, low 30's I think, but I hope all of my fellow Blues stay warm and spare a thought for those in need. Cheers Biggy.
  4. BiggyRat

    Would Tim Cahill be a starter under Roberto?

    I know hypotheticals inherently attract too many 'what ifs' for a considered discussion, but as much as I rate TC, I'm wondering if his type of play would fit. Most of you guys watch the games day in, day out, but I'm limited to whatever highlights the OS decide to release, so it's hard to...
  5. BiggyRat

    Everton guitar?, who's ordering the Everton Guitar? :blink: This is a start-up guitar package for football fans everywhere who would love to get into music.
  6. BiggyRat

    Cahill & the Asian WC qualifiers.

    If picked, Tim will possibly miss the Villa game in Sept. Playing in Saudi Arabia on the 6th, so it's possible he'll be available. 1st game at home against Thailand on the 2nd though. Possibly be late back for Wolves due playing in Thailand on Nov. 15. 4 day turnaround...possible. Last...
  7. BiggyRat

    Everton vs Essendon

    Pardon my indulgence, but I hadn't seen this raw footage before & I passed out 3 times watching it... You see, my two greatest passions on the same hallowed turf was too much for me! b) I like Nev whinging about the...
  8. BiggyRat

    Respect yer elders!

    Saw this on F365. Had a quick look but didn't see it posted elsewhere, apologies & thread lock if so... Respect Your Elders Mediawatch was a cheeky little blighter in our younger years, so we can identify with Everton winger Seamus Coleman, for whom the maxim 'respect your elders' is more of...
  9. BiggyRat

    Did anyone see him point during the match?

    If so, we better start another transfer rumour!:blink:
  10. BiggyRat

    Is there anyone at City we'd look at?

    I sometimes wonder what players like Bellamy, swayed by the big pay day, think when the eventual happens & they aren't the "next big thing" that City's Billionaires have made them out to be. Sure, they're probably too busy counting their cash but as a professional footballer, can they go any lower?
  11. BiggyRat

    Arteta to Valencia

    Had a quick look, but didn't see this posted. If it allowed him to get a run with the Spanish national side, then I think it'd be a good outcome for him. :(
  12. BiggyRat

    Dumb question from the Antipodes....

    What's that greasy looking smear that most of the players have on the front of their kit? Is it Vicks? :unsure:
  13. BiggyRat

    I almost passed out today!

    My two greatest teams met on the hallowed turf of Windy Hill...didn't know whether to pass out or just cry...sorry...I'm having a little moment...:yahoo: So...could we be seeing the 2011/12 Away strip???b) (Unfortunately, Davie's showing us the back of the Essendon strip...)
  14. BiggyRat

    Live chat with Phil Neville NOW. (04:15 GMT) FYI...If anyone's up...or, if any Ozmates are looking in....(y)
  15. BiggyRat

    Not good enough: Verbeek takes aim at reckless tackles by Cahill, Grella

    Oh dear...Pim's taken aim at the chosen one. He's probably got a point though...
  16. BiggyRat

    Moyes Luckily, TheSun is not a reputable rag....right? :unsure:
  17. BiggyRat

    Goal of the Year/Supporter of the Year?

    YouTube - Premier League - Sunderland - Liverpool - Goal of Darren Bent ( Dutch ) So, I guess he'll be switching from Red to Blue? :D
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