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    Best Everton team of the last 25 years

    Seeing how crap we are at the moment I thought I would reminisce and choose an Everton team of players of the last 25 years . 1. Southall - easiest choice of the lot 2. Coleman - excellent attacking full back at his peak 3. Baines - possibly the best left back we've ever had , what do you...
  2. J

    Everton under Nuno

    Ok , I'm far from happy about it but it looks like the bearded one is going to take over at Goodison so what would his team look like and could it work ? Obviously over time his personel changed at Wolves but for the most part he played 3-5-2 and only last season did he try ( with disastrous...
  3. J

    Moshiri's Dilemma

    Farhad ( and perhaps Usmanov) have a huge decision to make. There are different avenues and personnel available. 1. The big name manager. More of the same from an Ancelotti type Hollywood name. Perhaps Conte ( if the salary is big enough and he has no other options ) although that might be...
  4. J

    Thierry Small

    Young lad playing for the U18s and getting some very good reviews. Plays at left back but can play left mid or centre back. Scored 2 in a comeback win against Burnley. @Eggs and @Zatara - have you heard / seen him ? Where do you think he will play given that Niels also plays left back ?
  5. J


    Today has demonstrated that against most teams we can cope with some injuries. The squad has sufficient depth to cover a missing player in our front 3 , from our midfield 3 or back 4. However where we will struggle (.as most team will ) is if we lose say 2 of our midfield 3 or forwards or back...
  6. J

    Hopes for the remainder of the season

    1. We don't lose to the RS ( a win would just be too much to ask for ) 2. We don't pick up any more injuries 3. Anthony Gordon gets a run of games 4. Kean scores a couple of goals 5. The pubs reopen.
  7. J

    Gomes in the "Pirlo" role?

    I'm sure that we are all keeping our fingers crossed that Andre makes a full recovery from the horrific injury that he suffered v Spurs and comes back at the same physical level as before. However , as with Seamus , there must be a risk that at least in the short term his mobility and...
  8. J

    First big new signing

    With Ron Koeman about to be announced as our new manager / head coach and talk being bandied around that Mr Moshiri wants to make a "statement signing " who , realistically do you think this will be? Will we wait to appoint a DOF before making a move in the transfer market ? I'll start you...
  9. J

    A new word for Roberto to learn

    I am constantly impressed by how articulate our Spanish manager is . However I am growing a bit fed up of his continued ,and often unwarranted , use of the adjective phenomenal. Sometimes Roberto you have to be realistic , sometimes - tactically - you have to mix it up a bit. Occasionally you...
  10. J

    Everton Christmas Pressies

    Got a wonderful gift of a book about the Cannonball Kid signed ( there is a card appended to the inside cover as the book was released after his death ) by the great man. Perhaps not the best but certainly one of the greatest players to ever grace a royal blue shirt. Dave sweated blood for our...
  11. J

    World class potential

    IMO we have 3 players of World class potential - Stones, Barkley and Lukaku - and RM's job must be to ; a. keep them b. build a team around them and c. make sure that they reach their potential. If he is able to do that surrounding them with good players such as Coleman , McCarthy , Besic ...
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