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  1. Eggsyblueskin


    With all the furore around the club at present I thought I’d set down my own wishes for the future and see what others hoped for in reply. I desire two things from Everton, success and entertainment and I don’t believe the two are mutually exclusive. When Moshiri came in I naively thought the...
  2. Eggsyblueskin

    Salary Cap / Luxury Tax

    I am sure most of us are aware UEFA have been devising a new system to replace the increasingly dysfunctional FFP rules. They will apparently be based upon a salary cap in conjunction with a luxury tax for any breaches and are broadly similar to rules which are applied in other sports. It is...
  3. Eggsyblueskin

    Is the 442 Formation Hopelessly Outmoded?

    Like the old Pyramid formation the 442 became for a period the ubiquitous set up in football. It is arguable that many of the current successful formations were devised to defeat the best practitioners of the 442. Today it’s leading exponents are probably Simeone and our own Ancelotti. I realise...
  4. Eggsyblueskin

    Does the U23 System Work ?

    Personally I am coming to the conclusion that it is a deeply unsatisfactory method of producing or developing players capable of transitioning to first team football. I have long believed that the system prior to the U23 leagues when clubs considered the Reserve team as the testing ground for...
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