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  1. TheBigIguana

    Season in Review 21/22

    Because I'm polluting the match thread let's move the discussion in here. It was crap for me, surviving by the skin of our teeth doesn't change that.
  2. TheBigIguana

    Managerial Change Negatives

    We might hire the wrong guy again. That's all I've got.
  3. TheBigIguana

    Next Full Time Everton Captain?

    With Jags on his last contract, Baines in a similar position and Seamus also looking to be on the back side of his career, who should the next Everton captain be? Weirdly the next in line thus far this season has been Davies but he doesn't figure to be a regular in the XI so I don't know if it...
  4. TheBigIguana

    What should the most used XI be for the rest of the Season?

    With Ross gone, Cenk in, hopefully a left back on the way, the chance to win a trophy gone and anything above mid table survival looking unlikely and relegation looking (probably) not a possibility, who should we be playing the rest of the season? For me it would be good to give more...
  5. TheBigIguana

    Match Thread League Cup Third Round vs Sunderland (H) - THERE ARE NO STREAMS FFS

    We've drawn Sunderland at home. Let the jokes about playing our B team or whatever commence
  6. TheBigIguana

    Everton Transfer Thread 2016

    We're only a month away now so seems time to fire up the speculation thread.
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