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    Hypothetical questions.

    If the unthinkable happens and we are relegated. And if by some chance we win the F.A. Cup. Should there be an open top bus tour round the city? And if so, would you go out on the streets to “celebrate”? Or would you stay at home, saying “nothing to celebrate la’….”
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    How EFC saved England’s blushes.

    Ah, I remember it well :)
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    Penalty taker

    With Wayne gone and Baines likely to be on the bench more often than not, I wonder who will be taking our penalty kicks this season.
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    Those whom the Gods wish to destroy.....

    ...they first make mad. And by 'eck there is a madness about EFC these days that I have never witnessed in more than half a century of supporting the Blues. Be very afraid :Blink:
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    Friday Night Lights

    This is why I am totally against the idea of Everton playing of a Friday night. There's the weekend ruined before it has even begun. :mad:
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    Good luck, Sam...welcome to Everton

    OK, guys. I have had my strop al day and have just spent a month fielding against the very idea of Sam coming here. But he is here now and I for one am drawing a line under the Allardyce Wars until such time as actual results on the pitch call for more comment. In the meantime I am going back...
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    On the march with Unsie’s Army. the airport now en route to Lyon :dance: I have not been abroad with the Blues in years......ol’ Khal is really excited. We ain’t dead in this group yet.....three wins and we can can still make it through. Come on Unsie la’ can do it :pint2: Allen Les...
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    Degsy on talkSPORT

    Loving his passion :dance:
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    Old Trafford memories

    My favourite visit to Stretford......a never to be forgotten evening in late 1976 ;)
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    First day of the season....

    I don t care if it is the first step on the March to Moscow. I cannot believe how excited I am about this match tonight :dance: Season starts tonight.....on the March to Moscow with @davek 's Army :pint2:
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    "Jaw dropping news"

    Jim White has just said he is going to break some "jaw dropping" news about Everton on his programme this morning. :) He has alluded to three new of which is obviously Gylfi.
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    Return of the King.....a song for Wayne

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    On Easter Saturday long ago....

    ...1987 to be exact. I was packed into the Witton Lane end of Villa Park as a Kevin Sheedy goal gave us the victory which all but settled the title race in our favour :celebrate: COYBB
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    This is what we do in the summertime

    i have just been reading that the Mancs are playing a derby in the States come July. In some prestige tournament. Spurs are also involved along with the Spanish giants and PSG. Chelsea and Arsenal are also involved in high profile jaunts to Singapore and China where Bayern and Inter will...
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    Here I go again....

    I should have more sense by now but what the heck. After a few weeks in the doldrums re the upcoming derby following the abysmal showing at Spurs, I am now relishing it again and actually think we will win. COYBB :dance:
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    There is no feeling like it

    Circa 1.45 a.m. of a Saturday morning during the football season. EFC at home. Been out the pub for a few beers and very excited about going the game later today. Irrational exuberance keeping the adrenaline pumping. Could you live without Everton? Of course you couldn't. COYBB :dance:
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    James Ellis sings Z Cars

    I was reading today that legendary Belfast thespian James Ellis, Constable and later Sergeant Bert Lynch in Z Cars, had a bridge named after him in his native city. Apparently his family played a recording of him singing the eponymous song which has of course become the anthem of our beloved...
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    Everton mean business

    On talkSPORT right now. The meejah are sensing a change, lids ;)
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    Eleven different scorers.

    we have had eleven different scores this season. Lukaku Seamus Mirallas Barry Ross Bolasie Big Ash Baines Valencia Tom Davies Lookman I wonder is that the highest amount of different scorers for any team?
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    Seventeen teenagers.

    i caught the tail end of a conversation on 5 Live earlier and it said that Everton equalled an Arsenal record today.....Lookman became the 17th teenager to score for us. But I wasn't sure if they meant all time or just in the EPL era. Off the top of my head I am thinking: Lookman Davies...
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