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    2021/22 Richarlison

    Our boy should be holding out for better. This is a sideways move.
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    Promising in that it suggests internal and external confidence in the finances being present. At the same time, slightly concerning that this wasn't secured/ ordered an age ago. I dread to think how much costs have appreciated in the last 18 months
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    Cazoo & Everton end their sponsorship early.

    The timing is little short of disasterous. Whether it is the whiff of relegation or the stench of oligarch this is no time to be maximising our value and these things usually multi year, locking in this annus horribilis
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    Match Thread Everton v Borehamwood - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    I don't get this lineup. This could have been put to bed in the first ten minutes had We gone strong.
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    Farhad Moshirì

    I can't see much risk of Moshiri being sanctioned directly. This is just all about minimizing the collateral damage arising from his links to sanctioned individuals and entities. Don't see it helping him or us much. Difficult to see banks or sponsors and the like wanting anything to do with...
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    Club Statement

    Trouble is, whilst this is all primarily being done to slap Russia back in line, it has also taken on a secondary importance as a warning to China. Rowing back the instant Russia starts showing any contrition isn't going to strike the right note
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    Club Statement

    I'll be astonished if these sanctions aren't in place for the best part of a decade. There is no way Putin is backing down and Usmanov and Co have shown no indication of putting any distance between themselves and Putin. Equally, having had the Oligarchs and their assets used against him in...
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    Club Statement

    Unavoidable sadly. The situation in Ukraine isn't going to resolve any time soon and these relationships would have become a huge distraction. The financial implications of all this could be drastic.
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    Russia / Everton

    We've known that this was coming for about 10 days yet it still appears beyond the wits of our Comms Team to have prepared so much as a holding/ distancing statement in advance. 12 hours after it was formally announced.......nothing. We really are extraordinarily well run.
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    Reputational damage is the only immediate answer, although I'd be astonished if USM and the other entities he controls aren't pulled in to the sanctions regime eventually. Given how fast other teams and the governing bodies are pulling away from Kremlin linked sponsorship i find it difficult to...
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    Russia / Everton

    Thus far, although you'd have to assume the US and British governments will follow suit given how they are trying to co-ordinate. Even if it does stay European only, the last couple of paragraphs surely make it impossible for us to maintain any formal links.
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    The entire financing is so opaque it's impossible to reach any firm conclusions. That said, our 'open market' performance in the sponsorship space doesn't exactly fill me with confidence. I also find it very tough to imagine that Usmanov or Russian Banks weren't involved somewhere in the...
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    Russia / Everton

    Usmanov subject to Sanctions per BBC.
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    2021/22 Donny van de Beek

    An utter joy to watch. Really hope we can keep him come summer.
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    Rigged league

    Utterly stinks of oil money. Everyone saw the reaction of the officials when City played spurs last week. They are all pulling for them. Even the fact that decision has screwed over Liverpool as much as us doesn't take the edge off. We were totally robbed.
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    Ukraine invasion and the sanction of Oligarchs

    Possibly nothing, but the finances start to look flakey if we can't bank on USM or another Usmanov backed entity stumping up for stadium sponsorship
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    Ukraine invasion and the sanction of Oligarchs

    Johnson is about to stand up in Parliament and outline the next wave of sanctions. Big chance that Usmanov and the companies he is associated with will be targeted. Knock on effects of that are obviously TBD
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    Ukraine invasion and the sanction of Oligarchs

    It's surreal this. We are potentially 10 minutes away from finding out whether the stadium will proceed and there's not a thing anyone associated with the club can do to influence it.
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    This announcement basically sets out the template the the government will follow - seizure of assets and travel bans for Oligarchs. Difficult to imagine Usmanov won't be in the second tranche should one be required. Hopefully Moshiri is sufficiently far removed to be excluded from direct...
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    I still think we are home and dry after last week's result. There is just no way we finish below Brentford, Watford and Norwich.
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