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  1. HSD

    Martinez Portrait

    It's been a long while since I've done any Everton drawings (4 years since the Arteta one!) but, I've finally got around to doing a portrait of Martinez. For those who've seen my past Everton drawings, hopefully you'll see a fair amount of improvement. It took about 10-12 hours, I hope you like it!
  2. HSD

    David Moyes name portrait

    So, I'm going to do a hand drawn typography portrait of David Moyes using Evertonian's names. Like the Big Dunc one I did, but actually drawing/writing it out: Considering how long it'll take I must be crazy. Also, it might not even work but I'll give it a shot! But yeah, if anyone on...
  3. HSD

    Mirallas Drawing

    Oh no, Hsd's back with a new drawing. But he has a smiley face so it's alright? Anyway, hope you like it! It's only a minute and a half long ;)
  4. HSD

    HSD's drawings.

    Latest work: Been working on this, terrible quality picture I know: Bilyaletdinov pen drawing in the shape of number 7 :D I quite like the idea!
  5. HSD

    New home shirt..?

    Just saw this on Twitter. Apparently it's the new home shirt. Thoughts? I personally prefer this season's.
  6. HSD

    10 years of Tony Hibbert drawing

    I decided to draw Tony Hibbert this time to follow his 10 year anniversary at Everton! :) Lemmie know what you think! Who shall I draw next?
  7. HSD

    My website :)

    Hey guys, this is a terrible plug for my drawings but Danny said it was fine for me to make this thread so yeno. :) As most of you know, I've been drawing Everton players over the past year and putting the drawing videos on Youtube, and after some debate I've decided to try to sell some of my...
  8. HSD

    Dry Brush Portrait - Tim Howard.

    Right guys, firstly, I won't post anymore new videos on here for a while as to give you all a break! I promise. :unsure: But, I wanted to show you all this and get your opinions simply because today was my first attempt at dry brush painting. I started with Mikel and for this video did Tim...
  9. HSD

    Drawing of Tim Cahill

    Can you tell I have loads of spare time? I've done loads of new drawings lately... Anyway, it was either going to be Cahill or Arteta today, though I've drawn both before I wasn't happy with them, especially the one of Tim, so this is my second attempt. :) I really am sorry if I'm...
  10. HSD

    Alan Ball Drawing/Tribute

    While many Evertonians are currently angry at our current squad here's a tribute to one of our greats, the one and only, Alan Ball. Lemmie know what you think...if it's not too harsh :P
  11. HSD

    Marouane Fellaini Drawing

    Okay, so I finally got around to drawing Fellaini and I wish you could understand how long his hair camera ran out of memory space half way through! :blink: The video also changes to orange near the end because I turned my light on so yeno... Anyway, what do you think? Was it worth...
  12. HSD

    I drew Rodwell this time...

    First things first, I really am starting to feel like a right horror bag. Get rid of me if I'm annoying you all* I spent Valentines Day drawing Jack Rodwell, so - I hope you all like it. Also, it's getting really difficult to find songs to add to the video as Youtube hardly allows any decent...
  13. HSD

    Something different (Digital Rodwell Drawing)

    Okay so, I know I've only just thrown the Bily drawing at you but I've given my first ever attempt at Digital Drawing a shot and, although it's unfinished at the minute, thought I'd see what you guys think. This may bore you less as it's not a video :P I've finished it now :)
  14. HSD

    Drawing of Bilyaletdinov.

    Seeing as everyone's getting worked up over the who financial state surrounding Everton at the minute, I think we should take some time out and show some love for our very own Bilythekid! (y) So yeah, I've been trying to paint him for the past week (managed to fail at both attempts) so I've...
  15. HSD

    Drawing of: Leighton Baines

    I will stop throwing drawing videos at you sometime soon - don't worry! :D Latest drawing of Leighton, after this I spilt coca cola all over it! But somehow managed to salvage it. Also, sorry it's so orange...just the lighting in my room. :huh:
  16. HSD

    Drawing of Landon.

    Finally got around to drawing Landooo but he looks a bit weird in the drawing but yeno, I tried....what d'you think? (I suddenly have time to draw thanks to the snow :unsure:)
  17. HSD

    If anyone is interested anymore // Seamus drawing

    HSD IS BACK...I think. I haven't done a drawing in 3 months but if anyone is interested anymore, I've done a drawing of Seamus Coleman....then messed it up BIGTIME with the stupid painting idea. I have barely posted in an age too simply because of College and Toffe3m4n :) But here it...
  18. HSD

    Arteta, Cahill & Rodwell Drawing..

    So, I don't know if anyone's interested any more but here goes.. New drawing of Mikel, Timmy & Jack. I'm going to cut them out then frame them in a three piece frame thingy. The backgrounds - don't ask. I wanted to do something different and it kind of failed so just ignore the...
  19. HSD

    Tim Cahill Drawing

    Okay, so I know this doesn't look like him and the other drawings are better but my excuse is...erm...exam stress makes me unable to draw well?....:unsure: No, in all honesty I know it's not great. But here it is anyway...
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