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  1. kenada_blue

    Could kiss everyone of you.....

    Been horrible, shocking, cardiac arrest of a season. No matter what disagreements, arguments, agreements we have on this forum... you're always there. And I could kiss and hug everyone you at the moment. Same again next season xxxx
  2. kenada_blue

    THAT summer with Walsh and Ronko...

    If posted before, please delete accordingly. The echo doing a brief piece of players the genius of Walsh and Koeman went for in their first stint in charge. And still makes you feel ill...
  3. kenada_blue

    Johnny Heitinga - "Leaving hurt"

    Not supposed to post articles from said news publication. But if you're a subscriber there's a nice interview with ex-midfield faux tough guy Johnny Heitinga. He's now coach of Ajax under 19s having retired at 32. Feller still loves the bloos. Laughs at the Ashley Cole penalty bump. Had...
  4. kenada_blue

    George Green Story

    George Green was hailed as the new Gazza at Everton, then tried to take his own life... but now a new life in football beckons for the former Toffees prodigy after ending spiral of depression A couple of months ago, I went to watch a National League North match at Edgeley Park. I was there as a...
  5. kenada_blue

    Most Assists From Midfield...

    So far this season? Steven Pienaar. Says a lot to me.
  6. kenada_blue

    Howard gets a call from Obama

    You'd never get a Prime Minster doing this over here...but then again, the players need to do something first.
  7. kenada_blue

    Where's Naismith Gonna Play?

    *Puts feet up and smokes a pipe*
  8. kenada_blue

    Gibson "May have operation" at end of season

    Moyles says that Gibson is still carrying a thigh injury which is holding back some of his play ie shooting and will definitely need an operation at the end of the season.
  9. kenada_blue

    Stanley Park up for grabs?

    RS seem to be set on a 150mill redevelopment of Klanfield. While our current board couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery, does that mean Stanley Park...
  10. kenada_blue

    Moylez hated the Riot last night..

    "I was disappointed the crowd came on the pitch because it would've been great for Tony to have enjoyed the moment actually scoring a goal on the field, but actually in a way it got ruined because too many people came on. " miserable chunt
  11. kenada_blue

    Jags going to the Euros

    Gaz Baz injured...jags just got the nod Well done
  12. kenada_blue

    Well Done Lads...

    Long slog of a season with turmoil on (Moyes' tactics, some shocking displays and terrible football, losing 3 times to the RS, bottling a semi-final etc) and off (koff Blue Bill and the rest of the shower, Blue Union causing all kinds of undie twisting and crying) the pitch. 1 Man City -...
  13. kenada_blue

    The Future (Thread)

    Bit early and may not get many replies but I think it'll be a good thread to put what YOU think should happen next season on the pitch - Players, tactics, manager...the lot. Off the pitch, its clear that Kenwright et all are strangling the club, but we'll keep that in the Kenwright thread...
  14. kenada_blue

    Moyes Ponders Hibbert at center half... Giving Duffy the boost he needs.
  15. kenada_blue

    Injury crisis BEGINS

    Jags left on crutches apparently. Was holding his knee on the pitch. Rodwell's hamstring went...2 weeks Im guessing. Osman...dunno but Im being optimistic and saying a month :lol: Drenthe - Ill Fellaini - better I've read
  16. kenada_blue

    Jags wont force a move... Seems happy but wont be too upset of we decide to sell him.
  17. kenada_blue

    lowest Prem crowd in goodison history?

    Read this morning the attendence yesterday was the lowest its been at GP in the premiership This true?
  18. kenada_blue

    Nice Saha and Cahill interviews
  19. kenada_blue

    Accounts out for 2010 - 2011 Enjoy
  20. kenada_blue

    Striker Situation Long Term?

    Following on from the out of contract thread, its been noted Sahas contract is up at the end of the season. Now, ill be surprised the 33 year old gets a new deal. So that leaves us in a pretty dire situation. With no money to spend, our 1st choice striker being 33 and out of...
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