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  1. maccavennie

    Match Thread Carabao Cup: Bournemouth v Everton - Preview, Match Report & MotM Poll

    Really going to need to see a massive improvement in performance compared to Saturdays debacle. I think he'll make a few changes (part enforced and part rotation ) and it'll be GK : Begovic RB : Patterson CB : Holgate CB : Coady LB : Vinagre CM : Garner CM : Davies ACM : Iwobi LW ...
  2. maccavennie

    Match Thread Leeds v Everton : Tuesday 30th August 2022 : KO 8pm

    4 games in and in the bottom 3 already after getting a quite fortunate draw (imo) against Brentford. BUT FEAR NOT!!!! A striker has entered the building and as long as his leg doesn't suddenly drop off as he jumps on the Everton coach Tuesday morning, Maupay should be straight into the...
  3. maccavennie

    Carabao Cup 3rd Round Draw

    On tonight We are number 12
  4. maccavennie

    Match Thread Brentford v Everton - Match Report, MotM Poll

    Might as well copy and paste any match thread from this season and just change the opposition name. Nothing is going to change until we get some much needed creativity and firepower in the side. Last night's 1-0 win just made our troubles all the more glaringly obvious so unfortunately until it...
  5. maccavennie

    Lewis Warrington

    Took care of the ball very well when he came on. Well done Lewis.
  6. maccavennie

    2022/23 Reece Welch

    Thought he had an alright hour there. Got turned a couple of times where he wasn't aggressive enough but all in all he'll be delighted to have been given the nod tonight. Hopefully that puts him in the shop window for a loan
  7. maccavennie

    Match Thread Everton v Nottingham Forest : 3pm KO : Saturday 20th August 2022

    Promised you a miracle Belief is a beauty thing Promises, promises As golden days break wondering And a miracle is what we'll need if we don't purchase some forwards in the next day or so so stop listening to your Simple Minds "Greatest Hits" Kev and sign some bloody strikers !!! Our next...
  8. maccavennie

    Stanley Mills

    Can't see a players thread for him yet so thought I'd start one. Out of all the players so far (youth and first team) he's the one who has stood out the most pre season. Can see him being an option at RB, RWB, RW. Hopefully he gets some more minutes on Sunday against Blackpool
  9. maccavennie

    Match Thread Watford v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Everton, we never shone so brightly Everton, the spirit of the blues. Everton, we never shone so brightly Everton, the spirit of the blues. What an away performance.....and the team done alright as well didn't they! You'll find it hard to find a better away following than what we witnessed...
  10. maccavennie

    Match Thread Leicester City v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Home & Dry You and I As long as we're together then our dreams will never die Home & Dry You and I As long as we believe, we're home and dry! Of course we're not home and dry yet, not by some distance BUT what a B side that was to Here We Go. If you ain't got the vinyl, GET IT!!! What a...
  11. maccavennie

    Match Thread Everton v Chelsea - Preview, Match Report & MotM Poll.

    Sunday. Another game. More potential pain. I'll put the rs defeat into a box, lock it and throw away the key sometime this week. I'll also move on from the pathetic excuse of officiating and I'll scramble through the dirt and dust of another defeat and find some positives (of which I know...
  12. maccavennie

    Match Thread Liverpool v Everton : Sunday 24th April 2022 : Kick Off 4.30pm

    Well that was a load of crap last night let's be honest. We needed every player right on it and unfortunately ( and certainly not for the first time ) about half of them went missing when it mattered most. Point gained or 2 points dropped? End of the season we'll certainly find out. Still...
  13. maccavennie

    Match Thread Everton v Leicester City - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Here we go here we go here we go Everton are the best we all know We're the team we're supreme number 1 And we love you EV ER TON Here we go here we go here we go Side by side as we sing along together E V E R T O N We're Everton and we'll be Everton forever!!! Another big game Wednesday...
  14. maccavennie

    Match Thread Everton v Man Utd - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    So after another desperate result, what do we do against the mancs? On another day, we take 4 points from the last 2 games but I've got to be honest, tonight I think may have been the final nail in the coffin. Anyways, let's get back into what side is willing to get trounced by the mancs...
  15. maccavennie

    2020/21 Tyler Onyango

    Came on and done well tonight. Still very young with bags of potential and we might not see him again for a while but hopefully he makes the bench again before the seasons end. Well done kid, great achievement and a proud moment for him and his family for sure.
  16. maccavennie

    Away Form

    Our home form in the main has been excellent and seems to take care of itself. If we are going to make any inroads on the top 6 our away form will need to improve considerably Last season we won 5, drawn 5 and lost the rest. 2 of the draws we were in the lead, and in 6 of the defeats we...
  17. maccavennie

    Match Thread Apollon Limassol - EL 6pm 07.12.17

    Allardyce has mentioned a lot of the fringe players will be getting some minutes for this game. So what do we think the team will be? Folk mentioned they weren't arsed about the Atalanta game but when you are getting porked 5-1 you can't just switch form back on and we subsequently got stuffed...
  18. maccavennie

    Favourite Derby game

    What's been your favourite Derby against the RS? My personal favourite was Royle's first game and Ferguson scoring his first goal for us. I was harsh on that kid at the time. Thought he was quality away against Portsmouth in the league cup a few weeks before ( we got knocked out away ) but apart...
  19. maccavennie

    infant kits

    Hi folks and sorry for posting a new thread as I'm sure there's one somewhere about this. I was just looking for a kit for my 5 year old but all I can find is the home kit in the infants section. Didn't we release the away or 3rd strip or GK kit for infants as when I click on the away infants...
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