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  1. EFC Si

    Pubs in Liverpool showing United game?

    Sorry if this doesn't require it's own thread, but I feel this needs clarifying as it's such an unclear issue! Is there any pubs showing the game tomorrow despite it not being on Sky/BT? I was under the impression there were pubs about that show all Everton/Liverpool games in the City (ie...
  2. EFC Si

    What's the latest date I can buy a season ticket?

    Guten Tag meine Lieben! Thinking about getting an ST next season....not sure if there's a certain date where you can buy on up until? For example would I be able to get one after the first few games have started, or I would I have to buy one before the season begins? Thanks y'all
  3. EFC Si

    What if we'd started this season off poorly, then finished it well as usual

    So it looks like we're heading for 7th place again. The only difference this time around, is that we've had our 'After Christmas form' before Christmas. At the moment there are more people calling for Moyes's head than ever before, and a general feel of stronger negativity than usual - despite...
  4. EFC Si

    If we beat Liverpool and Chelski beat Spurs....

    Will Pienaar be able to play in the final? Or is the rule he can't play full stop in the competition for another team.
  5. EFC Si

    Is anyone else really annoyed that...

    ....we're going to get beat by Blackpool in the FA cup (provided they beat Shef W, they're 1 - 0 up). Can just see it happening, fresh off a home win over Chelsea.
  6. EFC Si

    Tickets for City game

    How do you buy away tickets? Never been to an away game before.
  7. EFC Si

    Anyone know when we're playing man city away?

    It was moved from it's original date in sept because of the europa league game I think, anyone know when it was moved to? It's not on the fixture list on the official website.
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