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  1. rochdaleblue

    Thank you fans.

    Thank you to each and everyone one of you today for your amazing support. Both Seamus and Lampard spoke about the reception before the game and how it lifted the players. You really were our 12th man today. If those players were under any illusions of how passionate our support is, they know...
  2. rochdaleblue

    Trevor Steven

    Delighted to see ‘Tricky’ Trevor back at Goodison yesterday. My favourite player from that great team of the mid 80s. How we could do with someone with his guile and craft in our present team. Back in the day we got a measly 1.5m for him off a tribunal when he went to Rangers. Spurs got...
  3. rochdaleblue

    One positive from last night. Don't know if this has been posted anywhere. But it's nice for the club for receiving such recognition for the amount of English players in the team from the national press. Gareth...
  4. rochdaleblue

    Everton charged.

    Sky reporting that both Everton and Hadjuk Split have been charged over the crowd disturbance last night. The question needs to be asked, what exactly did Everton Football Club do wrong?
  5. rochdaleblue

    74/75 title bid?

    Just looking through the league tables of the 1970s, I didn't realise how close we were to winning the title that season. We finished 3 points off the top. Looking at the stats we won 10 at home but drew 9 games (42 game season). Does any of our older members remember anything of this season...
  6. rochdaleblue

    Can we afford to rest anyone?

    Well it's Xmas week and the fixtures are coming thick and fast. As delighted as I was yesterday with the result, you only had to look at our bench to see how small the squad is. This got me thinking what players in our team can be 'rested' for the sunderland game without weakening the team...
  7. rochdaleblue


    I see united have been linked with one of our main targets from the summer. This lad does look the business as a defensive midfielder. Why did this deal fall through in the summer? Did we turn our...
  8. rochdaleblue

    Favourite away games you miss the most?

    Looking at the league tables a couple of days ago, it got me thinking. Which away grounds do you miss visiting the most. Forest, QPR, Wigan, Blackburn, Leeds, Derby, Boro and Bolton we have all enjoyed recent successes at. My personal favourite and the one I miss the most is Blackburn. Always a...
  9. rochdaleblue

    With Neville going- something to ponder

    Although it has been announced that Neville is leaving (rightly so in my opinion) it still leaves us worryingly with an ageing squad (none of our starting 11 under 25!). At the start of next season if you look at the respective ages of our supposedly strongest team, many of the team are heading...
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