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    Responding and agreeing with your own post hardly makes you look more credible.
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    January Transfer Window 2023

    I would still love to sign Kudus but that may not be possible anymore. However, I doubt if anybody in here was aware of him before our attempt to sign him in the last window and it certainly was spoken about by SKY, the media or anybody who feels that they have inside information. The point is...
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    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    I think that we will see some or all of Welch,Price, Mills,Quirk and Cannon go out on loan in January . That will give them five months of senior football and the opportunity to come back in the summer and stake a claim. If we can't sign another striker then Tom Cannon will probably have to...
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    January Transfer Window 2023

    As a matter of interest what is your first language ?
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    January Transfer Window 2023

    I think we could see us getting a fee for Michael Keane in January. Clubs in trouble(including ourselves) can be desperate in this market and Michael Keane could be seen as an experienced available option for any club looking for a defender. I would guess the player himself realises that he...
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    The management will have had a chance to reassess what they have been doing all season and what they have been doing wrong also. We are missing half a team but I am sure the exercise will have proven well worthwhile even if only to give the young lads a chance to show what they can do.
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    January Transfer Window 2023

    We need a squad of players and if Davies, Doucoure and others leave then we have to spend money to replace them. Money that badly needs spending in other areas. We need creativity in the team and we need another striker and that is where our money needs to be spent rather than replacing...
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    2022/23 Tom Davies

    There is absolutely nothing to suggest that may happen. What could happen is that he could leave for free, get a large signing on fee and an increase in wages from some other club.
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    2022/23 Tom Davies

    I have bookmarked this.
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    January Transfer Window 2023

    More than anything we lack creativity in the team. For me the biggest blow in the summer was not being able to sign Kudus. We can sign another striker but if we don't create chances for him then we won't be any better than what we currently are. In a team with creativity Maupay and Dominic Calvert-Lewin can be...
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    January Transfer Window 2023

    I think that we are not using our midfielders to their best advantage. Gana is a midfielder that breaks up play but is not a midfield general and is not creative... he never was. He gives away possession too easily and in dangerous positions. Garner is possibly a better option there. Onana is a...
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    The country is knee deep in new breweries and distlleries that have opened over the last decade. I think finding something to suit your taste in alcohol in Ireland of all places won't be a problem.
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    Great pictures
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    Do you want Frank Lampard sacked? Yes or No?

    It certainly did appear to be heading in a direction we have seen too often in recent years. The World cup break has been an absolute God send for him and possibly a moment that Everton fans may talk about for years if he is able to improve results after Christmas. I do think though that...
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    Croke park is a very modern stadium, it holds 83k and we can only dream of having a stadium like it with the catering, hospitality and function facilities it offers. Hopefully the new Everton stadium will be all that we hope it will be. We do need to remember however that our budget for...
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    Do you want Frank Lampard sacked? Yes or No?

    Using your argument no club would ever sack a manager. I think the recruitment gas been good and even if we doges a new manager I think most of the summer's transfers would be welcomed by a bew manager. I think we need to realise that bringing in young inexperienced managers will lead to...
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    How can EFC shake off fan short-termism?

    Sack Frank Lampard...hire Guardiola. Absolutely nothing to this.
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    Who should replace Frank Lampard?

    You are not born a manager you have to learn and that is happening with Frank, unfortunately we can't afford the price of the tuition. Working with and learning from an older experienced manager could help. In the past a younger coach working with an older experienced general manager was not...
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    2022/23 Idrissa Gana Gueye

    I think he has an important role to play but maybe not starting every game and certainly not our main play maker. I think him coming onto the team to help close down midfield for the last 30 mins. I don't know where the idea of him playmaker has come from.
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    What has been your lowest point supporting Everton?

    I have over fifty years worth of them. I struggle to pick one but the sale of Rooney would be well up there.
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