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  1. Dario Terracotta

    Mick Meagan RIP.
  2. Dario Terracotta

    Colin Harvey

    A bonifide living Everton legend,sadly we have lost a few in recent times,his birthday today,so all the very best to our own White Pele💙
  3. Dario Terracotta

    Tom Cannon

    Two goals again tonight,kid must be buzzing,I would be very tempted if I were Lampard to give him a start Saturday either with or without Maupay given our chronic lack of goals.
  4. Dario Terracotta

    Tuesday or Saturday.

    Obviously we want both but given our away record and all that🙄but given the choice of one or the other which Bournemouth game do you want the most?
  5. Dario Terracotta

    Your favourite team excluding title winners,include cult hero's entertainers etc.

    Bit of fun,pick a team not a title winning team,just players you enjoyed watching for one reason or another in your time watching the Toffs🤪off the top of my head Mine would be: Georgie Wood The incomparable Terry😉,Mick Lyons,Todd,John Bailey Gary Jones, Dobbo,Kingy,Dave Thomas Latch,McKenzie
  6. Dario Terracotta

    Ronny Goodlass,Nigel Martyn event.

    Been asked by a great fella and ex Everton Wizard of the wing Mr Ronny Goodlass to share this wherever possible in aid of a great charity,hope ok with mods,looks a cracking event if anyone interested,thanks💙👍
  7. Dario Terracotta

    Dr David Marsh RIP

    Sad news.
  8. Dario Terracotta

    Dave Watson.

    Saw his name mentioned on another thread,just thought to myself he maybe gets overlooked a little sometimes by our fanbase,what a great servant,player,leader,he had a difficult start to his career,but went on to win a title and FA Cup,for me though his greatest achievement was being one of our...
  9. Dario Terracotta

    How many of you have renewed for next season....................

    without clearly knowing which division we will be in.........I am about too,I think I am mad quite possibly, but I will be an Evertonian until I croak,I know it will kill me watching us in the championship if the very worst happens, but it's like a marriage isn't it,"for worse, and...
  10. Dario Terracotta

    My hero Terry.RIP

    Gutted on hearing this, feel free to move this mods if you wish, another part of my childhood growing up has departed the Everton scene, the inspiration for my moniker on this fine forum of ours, I got my first season ticket aged eight, now don't get me wrong most of us of a certain vintage...
  11. Dario Terracotta

    For all the elderly beggars on here,an interesting read about a legend and the good days!!

    Apologies for the excessive thread title!!! Enjoy peeps:)
  12. Dario Terracotta

    Mick Lyons:70 today!!!

    Wow!!!,suddenly I feel old!!,there may well have been greater players but his commitment to our cause back in the fitful days of the 1970's early 1980's was unparalleled in my humble opinion,Happy Birthday Mick...
  13. Dario Terracotta

    Terry Darracott:Update.

    Had contact from Terrys lovely niece today that he is back home and obviously feeling better for that fact, she tells me it is his birthday tomorrow(How could Dario not know that?lol)I told her to keep him away from watching the Toffs to aid his recovery;)lolAnyhow in these dark days hope you...
  14. Dario Terracotta

    My hero Terry....

    Just found out sadly he is not too well at all and in hospital,sent a goodwill message to his niece on another Everton platform and gave the best wishes of the GOT community,hope you all didn't mind.:(
  15. Dario Terracotta

    Crocks in our squad........

    Players who we just can't rely on to have any kind of consistent run in the team...............we do appear to have our share!!! Coleman,love him, we've had full value and many times more out of him, but forever seems doubtful these days,Mina our best actual defender but we never know when he is...
  16. Dario Terracotta

    Desperately seeking bright news........

    We are still eighth:dance:;)lolNSNO:blush:
  17. Dario Terracotta

    Living your own Everton dream..........

    I was best man last Saturday,nothing too odd about that you may think, the last time I was bestowed this dubious "honour" was just before the pandemic, my mate was marrying a girl from Berlin and their were a hundredish guests flown over from the fatherland,I did my speech in my "phonetic"German...
  18. Dario Terracotta

    New/Old Song!!!

    Heard this a few times at the game yesterday, from the 1960's Golden Vision play, surprising how it caught on in our end, quite refreshing to hear something different to "ton,'ton,'ton"grand old team, royal blue mersey, etc,long may it reign lol
  19. Dario Terracotta

    FA Cup Winners or Champions League - Poll added

    I know a number of you will quite rightly say why can't we have both!!However if you were pinned down(Oooooeeeerr Mrs ;)lol) and could only choose one this season,what would it be?, personally and call me a sentimental old fool if you will,I would want the FA Cup every day of the week over the...
  20. Dario Terracotta

    If you're missing Goodison.......

    probably best to steer clear of this!!!Ace though :)
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