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  1. SerenityNigh

    The curious case of Air France 447

    “Nobody flies into a thunderstorm twice” is common for the types of phrases pilots enjoy to impart their wisdom. This quip fits the pilot persona, but also carries with it a fair amount of wisdom. Thunderstorms are obviously dangerous weather and too often fatal for pilots and passengers. Those...
  2. SerenityNigh

    Let's discuss the center backs

    Sorry/not sorry about the title spelling. Right, at the moment Everton have too many ingredients and not enough recipe when you look at the center backs. If you include Lewis Gibson, there are 6 first team CB in the squad--I'll leave him out of my comments below because I don't see him...
  3. SerenityNigh

    Rate the window

    Like it says in the title
  4. SerenityNigh

    DoF satisfaction rating: winter transfer window 2019/20 season

    The January window has been open 6 days already, is it time to ship Marcel Brands out?
  5. SerenityNigh

    New Sponsor sweepstakes

    With the news that the Sportspesa office is on fire, something entirely unrelated to the company records asked for by government officials, it's time for a New Sponsor sweepstakes. Points will be awarded for correctly naming the new sponsor and correctly identifying the time of announcement.
  6. SerenityNigh

    Respiratory alkalosis support group

    I've come to the realization that what Everton supporters need most, especially in difficult times such as transfer windows, is a respiratory alkalosis support group. If you've had trouble with dizziness, anxiety, fear of the unknown, stress, or general problems associated with...
  7. SerenityNigh

    Homepage Update: Farhad Moshiri and the “two degrees of trim” principle

    Farhad Moshiri and the “two degrees of trim” principle Some years ago I had the opportunity to conduct some training with a retiring military instructor pilot. He was transitioning to the private sector, targeting a job at a large freight company, but on that day I was “teaching” him. It was a...
  8. SerenityNigh

    Bedwetters Anonymous, next meeting 8 Apr

    We will be discussing: Failed stadium builds Derby capitulation Faulty transfer plans Club mismanagement Lack of investment Consultants as club stooges Terrible players And anything else worth discussing Please sign up early!
  9. SerenityNigh

    Next shirt sponsor predictions

    Get them in now
  10. SerenityNigh

    17/18 leading goal scorer

    Who will it be? Discuss below. Thanks for playing.
  11. SerenityNigh

    Koeman's ambition: Europa League finalists set standard Everton aspire to reach

    Seems worthy of its own thread Ronald Koeman: Europa League finalists set standard Everton aspire to reach A clear objective will be to bring in players who will have more...
  12. SerenityNigh

    Last three club managers

    Although many here have seen the club in better times and under better leadership, I'm sure there is a large contingent like myself that has only seen Everton under Moyes, Martinez, and Koeman. (Some, at least, have little memory of prior managers.) Most reasonably, we should assert that...
  13. SerenityNigh

    Bedwetters Anonymous

    Gather round, folks. Get in your confessions. The road is long and tortuous, but this is is the first step to recovery. Repeat after me: My name is @SerenityNigh, and I am a transfer bedwetter. Go on, your turn.
  14. SerenityNigh

    How to determine the "Bigger Club"

    Let's discuss the club(s) you care about. Let's be as ridiculous as possible. Use alternate reality tables if necessary.
  15. SerenityNigh

    Biggest transfer window disappointment

    Which player do think was most sorely needed and missed in the window?
  16. SerenityNigh

    Player of the Year 2013/2014

    Is it too early for this thread? Seems like a lot of threads recently come back to this topic. Not sure about this myself...
  17. SerenityNigh

    Transfer deadline day, what are you drinking?

    Can be on loan from the local tap, or something you signed permanently from the local Tesco. I don't discriminate if it gets the job done. I'm at work presently, so keeping it light with the Dr Pepper.
  18. SerenityNigh

    Everton are a decent club

    Someone posted this earlier (Librarian? CBA sourcing it) as what seemed non-sequitor in on of the Lukaku threads. I enjoyed it greatly, but didn't see that it was posted already, so here goes. Still a Decent Club in An Indecent League by Dispatches From a Football Sofa Here is a link to...
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